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Two Yale Scholars Awarded Prestigious 2024 Soros Fellowships

Exceptional Scholars Recognized

Two Yale students, Kristine Guillaume and Ananya Agustin Malhotra, have been honored with the 2024 Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans, a prestigious award aimed at supporting the graduate studies of immigrants or children of immigrants in the United States. Chosen from a highly competitive pool of 2,323 applicants, these scholars exemplify exceptional achievement and the promise of significant contributions to American society. Each fellow receives up to $90,000 to help fund their graduate education at top U.S. institutions.

Kristine Guillaume: Bridging Cultures and Communities Through Literature

Kristine Guillaume, a Ph.D. student at Yale’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, is the daughter of Haitian and Chinese immigrants and grew up in Queens, New York. Her academic journey reflects a profound commitment to exploring marginalized narratives through African American literature and history. Kristine’s work, particularly on Black prison writing and feminist theory, seeks to reshape our understanding of freedom and justice. Her impressive background includes serving as the first Black woman president of The Harvard Crimson and studying at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar.

Ananya Agustin Malhotra: Advocating for Global Peace and Security

Ananya Agustin Malhotra, soon to pursue her J.D. at Yale Law School, has cultivated a deep passion for international law and peace studies, influenced by her bi-cultural Filipino and Indian heritage. Her academic pursuits at Princeton University and later at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar have focused on the impacts of historical events like the U.S. nuclear tests on global populations. Ananya’s commitment extends beyond academia into areas of nuclear disarmament and international advocacy, positioning her as a future leader in efforts to foster a more just and secure world.

These outstanding individuals are poised to make impactful contributions across diverse fields, continuing the legacy of Soros Fellows who have gone on to serve as influential leaders, including U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. Their stories are testaments to the powerful combination of heritage, education, and unwavering dedication to societal betterment.