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### Top247 Quarterback Husan Longstreet Reveals Preferred Colleges and Announces Decision Date

One of the premier quarterbacks in the 2025 class is poised to make his decision in April as the highly regarded Top247 signal caller has scheduled his commitment date.

Longstreet, ranked as the No. 5 quarterback nationally by the Top247 rankings, is set to reveal his college choice on April 14 from a select group of top-tier schools including Texas A&M, Oregon, UCLA, Auburn, Louisville, Michigan, Ole Miss, and Miami.

According to 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst Tom Loy, “Auburn, UCLA, and Ole Miss are significant contenders along with Texas A&M. However, my consistent stance has been in favor of the Aggies, given their strong position. With Longstreet’s family connection to College Station and their positive impressions of the coaching staff, especially Mike Elko, Texas A&M appears to have the edge. Despite planned visits to Auburn and Texas A&M in March, the signs point towards Texas A&M leading the way in this recruitment.”

Longstreet is scheduled to visit Auburn on March 22 and Texas A&M on March 29. Additionally, 247Sports’ Tom Loy provided insights into Longstreet’s upcoming visit plans in the next month.

Recognized as the top prospect in California by the Top247 rankings, Longstreet was recently assessed by Biggins, who highlighted his exceptional qualities. Biggins remarked, “Longstreet possesses one of the most powerful arms on the West Coast, coupled with a quick release. He effortlessly generates significant velocity and demonstrates versatility in throwing from various arm angles, excelling in both rolling out and throwing accurately in different directions. While showcasing improved athleticism, particularly in zone read scenarios, he maintains precision in short and intermediate passes, with room for growth in deep throws. Beyond his on-field talents, he exhibits strong leadership qualities, a commendable work ethic, and is viewed as a potential Power 5 starter with nationwide appeal.”

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