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### Seton Hall Graduate Health Prof Programs: Top Rankings in the U.S.

Seton Hall’s Interprofessional Health Sciences (IHS) campus.

In the latest edition of U.S. News & World Report, programs within Seton Hall’s (SHMS) have demonstrated significant progress in the Best Graduate School rankings, showcasing the institution’s prominent position in health professions education nationally. Leading the pack is the program ranked at 53, followed by the program at 74 and the program at 91.

“The updated rankings underscore Seton Hall’s longstanding commitment to excellence in preparing healthcare professionals for the workforce,” expressed , interim dean of the School of Health and Medical Sciences. “Our programs not only provide graduates with exceptional academic and clinical training but also instill in them a dedication to delivering compassionate care within their respective communities—a fundamental aspect of Seton Hall’s Catholic Mission.”

Occupational Therapy

Recent volunteer initiatives in Montclair and West Orange, NJ.

Seton Hall’s Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (M.S.O.T.) program has leaped 26 places to secure the 53rd position nationwide, maintaining its status as the top-ranking, fully-accredited M.S.O.T. program in New Jersey. As per U.S. News, the survey evaluated the top 198 doctoral and master’s degree programs in occupational therapy accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education. The program’s ranking at 53 situates it among the top 27 percent of all such programs in the United States.

“The professional and academic standing of our faculty, students, and alumni greatly influences this ranking,” remarked Department Chair . “For over two decades, Seton Hall’s M.S.O.T. program has been a beacon of excellence in occupational therapy education in New Jersey, providing exceptional experiential learning opportunities both in our classrooms and communities. It comes as no surprise that our well-prepared students consistently achieve high licensure exam pass rates and secure excellent job placements,” she further emphasized.

Physical Therapy

This year, Seton Hall’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (D.P.T.) program has also advanced in the U.S. News rankings, climbing to 74 from its previous placement at 83—a notable improvement of nine positions among the 239 doctoral programs in physical therapy accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education. The former ranking of 83 establishes Seton Hall among the top third of all D.P.T. programs nationwide.

“This ranking serves as a testament to the unwavering dedication and efforts of our faculty and students, who are our finest representatives,” stated Department Chair . “Seton Hall’s D.P.T. program equips students with 32 weeks of clinical internships across over 200 clinical affiliate sites in the NY Metro-NJ region. Consequently, our licensed graduates boast a 100 percent employment rate within six months of graduation,” he added.

Speech Language Pathology

State-of-the-art simulation facilities at IHS.

Seton Hall’s Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (M.S.S.L.P.) program maintains its top-ranking status in the state, ascending one position this year to 91 out of 261 master’s programs in speech-language pathology accredited by the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. This ranking situates the program in the top 35 percent nationwide.

“Our SLP graduates undergo systematic nurturing to evolve into proficient and empathetic clinicians, courtesy of Seton Hall’s cutting-edge healthcare simulation program and emphasis on experiential learning at our Interprofessional Health Sciences (IHS) campus,” affirmed Department Chair . “Our faculty actively promote interprofessional collaboration among Seton Hall’s five graduate programs in the health professions, resulting in SLP graduates who are team-oriented practitioners equipped to comprehensively serve their clients. Our alumni excel in various healthcare and educational settings, boasting a remarkable 96 percent employment rate within one year of graduation.”

SHMS Rising

Apart from the notable rise in rankings positioning these programs within the School of Health and Medical Sciences among the Top Third in the nation, since 2023, the School’s faculty have secured six competitive research grants from public and private agencies totaling more than $2.9 million.