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Top 5 Best Rated SUNY Schools In New York

College decision day is coming up and like many students in New York, kids from all over the state will be headed to a SUNY school.

The good news is that SUNY has a great reputation and a number of schools in the system were ranked very high nationally.

Here is a look at the top-ranked SUNY Schools according to the website ,

These are the best-ranked SUNY schools for 2024.


One of the biggest SUNY campuses, Binghamton is one of four university centers in the SUNY system. They are a public research university and have over 18,000 students attending classes there. Binghamton was ranked 83rd nationally.


Along with the University of Buffalo, Stoney Brook is a flagship campus in the SUNY System. It is also the largest public university by area in New York State. Stony Brook was ranked 77th nationally


SUNY Oneontais one of the founding colleges and universities in the SUNY system. The Oneonta Normal School was officially renamed the State University College of Education at Oneonta in 1951. SUNY Oneonta has around 6000 students attending classes there. They were ranked 75th nationally.


SUNY Maritime was founded in 1874 and was the first college of its kind (federally approved, offering commercial nautical instruction) to be founded in the United States, It is one of seven degree-granting maritime academies in the country. They were ranked 40th nationally.

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SUNY Polytechnic Institute offers over 25 different bachelor’s degrees, 18 graduate-level degrees, and five doctoral degrees. It was ranked 9th nationally.

Check out a list of all the SUNY schools in New York .

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