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### Exploding Recruitment Breakdown: Top-100 Safety Lagonza Hayward Reveals Top School Choices

Lagonza Hayward Rising Up: Focus on Alabama, Georgia, FSU, Tennessee Football, and More

As the four-star safety from Lyons (Ga.) Toombs County approaches his senior season, his college recruitment is gaining momentum, with approximately 30 offers on the table. This talented athlete, standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing 200 pounds, has swiftly emerged as one of the most sought-after prospects in both the Peach State and the nation. The dedication and effort he has put into his craft are now yielding results, showcasing his perseverance and skill.

Reaching the rank of No. 83 overall prospect and No. 9 safety in the 2025 On300, Hayward has solidified his position as a top-150 recruit, as determined by a weighted average incorporating all major recruiting media outlets.

Eyeing an August commitment, Hayward is embarking on a crucial phase in his recruitment journey. Official visits to various universities are already scheduled, with in-state schools expressing interest and actively vying for his commitment.

Hayward emphasizes the significance of committing to an organization where he feels a genuine connection, considering the transient nature of coaching in college football. He values the overall atmosphere of the program and seeks a place where he can maximize his potential effectively.

Hayward’s Evaluation of Top Schools

While Hayward has yet to unveil his final list of preferred schools, he shares insights into his interest in seven prominent programs during discussions with Dukes:


The personalized approach taken by USC in recruiting him has left a lasting impression. The genuine efforts of the recruiters, their consistent communication, and the building of a strong relationship have resonated with Hayward, making USC a compelling option.


Florida State holds a special place in Hayward’s heart as a dream school, influenced by familial connections. The emotional impact of interacting with FSU coaches and visiting the campus has reinforced his admiration for the program and its legacy.


Among all schools, Hayward acknowledges the exceptional relationship he has cultivated with Tennessee. The early recognition and consistent engagement from the coaching staff, particularly Danny O’Rourke, have solidified his bond with the program, making it a standout contender.


The genuine rapport established with coaches Alex Mathis and Addison Williams at UCF has been a positive experience for Hayward. Despite not yet visiting the campus, he is eager to explore the vibrant atmosphere of UCF and further develop his connection with the program.


Being a Georgia native, Hayward naturally gravitates towards the allure of playing for his home state. His visit to the University of Georgia left a lasting impression, especially with the top-tier facilities and the strong relationship he has built with Coach T-Rob over time.


The proactive and engaging approach of the new coaching staff at Alabama has captured Hayward’s attention. Their swift outreach, personal interactions, and the innovative defensive strategies they are implementing have positioned Alabama as a compelling option for his collegiate career.


North Carolina’s early interest in Hayward has not gone unnoticed, with Coach Mack Brown and Coach Charlton Warren fostering a familial bond with him. Despite the rarity of Coach Brown recruiting safeties, his dedicated efforts and personal visits to Hayward’s school have underscored UNC’s commitment to building a genuine relationship with the talented prospect.