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### Jalen Haralson Reveals Top 9 College Choices

, one of the premier small forwards in the 2025 class, has trimmed his selection of potential colleges to nine. Looking ahead, the 6-foot-6 La Lumiere School (IN) junior will be contemplating Auburn, Duke, Gonzaga, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan State, Missouri, Notre Dame, and Purdue.

Standing at No. 10 nationally in the rankings, Haralson has made an official visit to Auburn and unofficial visits to Indiana, Purdue, Notre Dame, and Michigan State.

As a four-star prospect, Haralson is currently working on arranging additional official visits.

Insight into Haralson’s Recruitment Discussions

During a prior conversation with On3, Jalen Haralson delved into the recruitment efforts of several schools pursuing him.

Auburn: ”The visit was incredible. Bruce Pearl exudes energy. That aspect of him took me by surprise. He really pumped me up. Demonstrating how I could integrate into the program was fantastic. My aim is to go one-and-done. Hence, I’m looking for a school that can best prepare me for that goal, and they showed me that they are one of those schools.”

Indiana: ”The fan base is a standout feature. A highly passionate fanbase that shows immense love during visits. My brother attended school there, so I’m quite familiar with the campus. Coach (Mike) Woodson is a coach who connects well with players. He values their input and adjusts accordingly. To me, the staff feels like family. I’ve known them since I was 14, back in the eighth or ninth grade, so there’s a lot of love from Indiana.”

Purdue: ”Coach Painter’s strategic mindset is remarkable. You have to witness it firsthand. The way he orchestrates plays after timeouts, among other things, is astounding. They have a track record of producing successful players in the NBA. One player who stands out is ppp[10]. It’s an excellent program that consistently ranks at the top every year.”

Notre Dame: ”Coach Shrews is also a brilliant basketball mind. When we get on the phone, we just talk basketball. He has helped me tremendously by pointing out areas for improvement. He critiques me, and I learn from it. He’s straightforward with me, and I appreciate that about him.”

Michigan State: ”Coach Izzo is tough and a winner. He pushes his players and brings out the best in them, and that’s what sets them apart.”

Missouri: ”ppp[11] has been incredibly supportive. He has visited my school multiple times, even during school hours, just to check in on me. Their level of interest in me is what stands out the most.”

Gonzaga: ”Their style of play is distinctive. Coach (Alvin) Gentry is the one recruiting me there. They heavily involve ball screens in their gameplay, which aligns with my strengths. Additionally, they have a strong track record of winning. I aim to attend a college where winning is a priority.”

Duke: ”It’s ppp[12] who has caught my attention. He has been recruiting me for quite some time. It took about a year of recruitment before he finally offered me. They prioritize building connections, and they haven’t extended offers to many in my class. I’m looking forward to visiting soon.”

Kansas: ”They have a winning tradition. Coach Self is one of the top coaches in the nation. As I mentioned, I want to go where I can win, where I can compete in March Madness. Coach Self has developed numerous pros, so he understands what it takes. My friend Flory Bidunga is heading there, and we have a strong bond.”

Player Evaluation

“Jalen Haralson possesses a robust physique that should respond well to strength and conditioning programs without compromising his athleticism as he progresses. With good length, Haralson showcases intriguing qualities as a point-forward. He exhibits a solid handle as a versatile forward, capable of initiating offense from various parts of the court. A quick decision-maker with excellent court vision, Haralson is a competent straight-line athlete. He demonstrates a grasp of team defense principles and angles. While there are concerns about his lateral quickness and explosiveness, his jump shot has the potential to be a significant asset, provided he enhances its consistency. His size and basketball IQ offer unique advantages.” – Evaluation by On3’s Jamie Shaw