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**Deadline Approaching: Last Chance to Apply for Scholarships to Study Abroad in Ghana**

March 01, 2024

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Were you aware that the University of Arkansas’s [U of A] curriculum offers a genuinely interdisciplinary learning experience, emphasizing subjects like history, political science, English, sociology, social work, education, journalism, as well as languages such as Swahili and Portuguese?

By exploring the African diaspora both locally and internationally, students will uncover and analyze strategies employed to advocate for positive transformations and social equality.

No other program within the U of A presents such a comprehensive perspective on global history and evolution or facilitates the exploration of such variety in cultures and ideologies.

Najja K. Baptist, the program’s director and an assistant professor of political science, highlighted, “Through the exploration of the past, present, and cultural richness of the African diaspora, we scrutinize the pivotal role of race in shaping the contemporary world of our students.”

“We are dedicated to enhancing social awareness, fostering fairness, and nurturing top-tier academic performance through analytical and worldwide thinking in the educational setting,” he continued.

For further details and to interact with some of [ppp2], visit the U of A AAST website.

Enroll in an African and African American Studies [AAST] major or minor today by accessing the enrollment portal.

Additionally, drop by the AAST department to explore its lounge, study area, conference room, and picturesque patio.

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply for various scholarships – from tuition assistance to [ppp6] and more.

The annual scholarship applications are currently open until March 1, so act promptly.

For inquiries, reach out to [ppp8] or dial 479-575-2872.

You can also connect with @uarkaast on social media.