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### Gardner Christian Elementary School Flourishes in New Location

In August 2023, KSHB 41 News covered a significant development in Gardner, Kansas. New Life Christian Academy, the only private Christian school in the area offering a full five-day week, transitioned from operating within a church building to its current dedicated space shared with partner church, New Life Community.

Director Meredith Hall expressed her excitement about the community’s support for the school, stating, “It’s been really exciting to see the community really rally around us, and get excited about having a Christian school here in Gardner.” She emphasized the school’s progress, describing it as “thriving.”

At the beginning of the 2023-24 school year, Hall worked from a makeshift office in a church lobby, highlighting the faith required to embark on such a significant endeavor. Despite the initial challenges, the school now accommodates 25 students from kindergarten to third grade.

Third-grade student Emelyn Janzen, who transferred from public school, shared her positive experience at New Life Christian Academy. She mentioned feeling welcomed by the teachers and appreciated the smaller class sizes, making her transition smoother than expected.

Emelyn’s mother, Jonna Janzen, expressed her long-held dream of enrolling her children in a Christian school in Gardner and praised the school’s ability to address her concerns at every stage of its development.

Director Hall, reflecting on the school’s journey, likened it to Noah building the ark, believing that the school’s success is part of a larger divine plan. Registration for the next school year is open, with scholarships available and a growing waiting list for kindergarten due to the school’s class size cap.

For those interested in supporting the school, a fundraiser is scheduled for May, with playground equipment identified as a key need for the upcoming year.