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### Tuition Exceeds $90,000 Annually at Three Massachusetts Colleges

Massachusetts is renowned for various aspects, with the concentration of colleges in the Commonwealth and the wider New England region standing out as unparalleled. Therefore, it is not surprising that some of the finest educational institutions in the nation are situated in Massachusetts.

The cost of pursuing higher education is on the rise, despite the persistent issue of student debt affecting adults across the country. On average, attending a public out-of-state school amounts to \(26,820, while a private out-of-state institution costs around \)36,880. In comparison, public in-state tuition is relatively more affordable at an average of $10,440; however, many individuals end up paying significantly more than this standard amount.

The escalating expenses associated with higher education and the burden of student loans are ongoing topics of discussion nationwide, and Massachusetts is no exception. With 114 colleges and universities within the Commonwealth, it is not surprising that some of the most expensive educational institutions in the United States are located in Massachusetts.

Top Three Massachusetts Colleges with Tuitions Exceeding $90,000 Annually

  • Boston University – The total cost per year, covering tuition, accommodation, meals, and additional expenses, amounts to $90,207. Established in 1893, this private research university boasts a student body of 36,729, comprising 17,590 undergraduates and 17,937 postgraduates.

  • Wellesley College – This institution charges $92,060 annually, inclusive of tuition, housing, dining, and health insurance. Founded in 1870 and situated in Wellesley, Massachusetts, this private women’s liberal arts college enrolls 2,280 undergraduate students.

  • Tufts University – With a comprehensive fee of $95,888 covering tuition, housing, meals, and other costs, Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, which was established in 1852, accommodates 12,648 students, including 6,559 undergraduates and 6,089 postgraduates.

Several other institutions are in close proximity to the \(90,000 annual tuition threshold. Brandeis University in Waltham charges \)89,824 per year, Amherst College’s annual tuition stands at \(88,210, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is steadily approaching \)85,960.

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