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### Collaborative Effort of Three Democratic Contenders to Address Education Challenges in North Carolina

In the heart of North Carolina, a conflict for the future of education is unfolding as three Democratic candidates, each bringing a unique perspective from their roles within the education system, step into the political arena for the first time. Among them is Carrie Doyle, a resolute advocate for equitable learning, who stands out with her commitment to ensuring every child in the state has access to quality education. These candidates, a teacher, an assistant principal, and a former superintendent, are united by a common goal: to address the pressing issues facing North Carolina’s education system, including shortfalls and the ongoing teacher shortage.

Championing Equity and Excellence in Education

Carrie Doyle’s campaign is built on a foundation of equitable access to education, substantial support for teachers, and the urgent need to address funding cuts that have plagued North Carolina’s schools. With a focus on increasing teacher supplements, Doyle advocates for a more competitive pay structure to attract and retain top teaching talent. She emphasizes the importance of supporting students from lower-income families, ensuring they have the same opportunities for success as their more affluent peers.

Doyle is also vocal about her support for progressive policies that promote racial equity and inclusivity within schools. Her stance reflects a broader vision for an education system that not only educates but also uplifts every student, regardless of their background.

The Leandro Case: A Turning Point for North Carolina’s Schools

Central to the debate on education in North Carolina is the Leandro case, a landmark lawsuit that has become a focal point for discussions on education funding. The case, which will be heard later this month, challenges the state over its failure to fully fund public schools. Doyle, along with her fellow candidates, underscores the importance of complying with the state Supreme Court order in the Leandro case to ensure schools receive the necessary resources to provide a high-quality education for all students.

The candidates have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current education budget and the recent 5% raise for teachers, arguing that it falls short of what is needed to address the teacher shortage effectively. Their collective stance highlights a critical gap between the current state of education funding and the actual needs of schools and educators.

A United Front for Education Reform

Despite their differences, the three Democratic candidates are united in their belief that significant changes are needed to improve North Carolina’s education system. They advocate for using the expertise of senior teachers to recruit new talent, a strategy they believe will help mitigate the teacher shortage. The candidates are also aligned in their criticism of the current education budget, calling for increased investment to ensure schools can offer competitive salaries and comprehensive support to both students and teachers.

This shared vision for reform reflects a broader understanding that the challenges facing North Carolina’s education system are complex and multifaceted. It underscores the candidates’ commitment to working collaboratively to address these issues, with a particular focus on ensuring every child in North Carolina has access to a quality education.

As North Carolina prepares to make a pivotal decision on the future of its education system, the spotlight is on Carrie Doyle and her fellow Democratic candidates. Their campaigns, rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges facing schools, teachers, and students, offer a glimpse into the potential for transformative change. With a focus on equity, support for educators, and a commitment to fully funding public schools, these candidates are setting the stage for a new chapter in North Carolina’s education story—one where every child has the opportunity to succeed.