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### Princeton Review Releases 2024 Rankings for Top Undergraduate and Graduate Schools in Game Design

NYU #1 Undergraduate School / U-Central Florida #1 Graduate School

NEW YORK, March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ – The Princeton Review, renowned for its comprehensive school rankings across various categories, has released its 15th annual report on undergraduate and graduate schools excelling in game design studies.

For the second consecutive year, New York University has secured the top spot on the list of undergraduate schools, featuring the top 50 institutions. NYU’s Game Design program is situated at the Brooklyn campus.

In the realm of graduate schools, the University of Central Florida in Orlando has clinched the #1 position, rising from its #2 ranking in 2023.

The rankings encompass the top 10 schools for both undergraduate and graduate programs, along with the leading schools in seven regions. The detailed lists can be found on The Princeton Review website.

The evaluation criteria for The Princeton Review’s game design school rankings include academics, faculty quality, technological resources, and career prospects. The rankings are based on a survey conducted in 2023, involving administrators from 150 institutions worldwide offering game design courses or degrees.

Collaborating with , a prominent gaming publication, The Princeton Review presents a feature in the May issue, titled “The Best Game Design Programs Ranked by The Princeton Review 2024,” showcasing insights into the ranked schools and the industry, along with articles on video game creation.

Top 10 Undergraduate Schools for Game Design:

  1. New York University (Brooklyn)
  2. University of Southern California (Los Angeles)
  3. Clark University (Worcester, MA)
  4. University of Utah (Salt Lake City)
  5. University of Central Florida (Orlando)
  6. Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY)
  7. DigiPen Institute of Technology (Redmond, WA)
  8. Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)
  9. Michigan State University (East Lansing)
  10. Northeastern University (Boston, MA)

Top 10 Graduate Schools for Game Design:

  1. University of Central Florida (Orlando)
  2. New York University (Brooklyn)
  3. University of Southern California (Los Angeles)
  4. University of Utah (Salt Lake City)
  5. Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX)
  6. Abertay University (Dundee, Scotland)
  7. Clark University (Worcester, MA)
  8. Rochester Institute of Technology (Rochester, NY)
  9. Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
  10. Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)

Regional Rankings and #1 Schools:

  • International: Abertay University (Dundee, Scotland)
  • Mid-Atlantic: Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Midwest: Michigan State University (East Lansing)
  • Northeast: New York University (Brooklyn)
  • South: University of Central Florida (Orlando)
  • Southwest: The University of Texas at Dallas (Undergrad), Southern Methodist University (Dallas, TX) (Grad)
  • West: University of Southern California (Los Angeles)

According to , Editor-in-Chief at The Princeton Review, the ranked schools offer exceptional game design programs, boasting top-tier faculties, cutting-edge facilities, and successful alumni in the gaming industry. The schools provide students with hands-on experience and robust career preparation.

Key statistics from The Princeton Review’s 2023 survey indicate that a high percentage of students engage in game development projects during their studies, with a significant portion creating actionable plans for game launches post-graduation. The average starting salaries for graduates with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in game design are also noteworthy.

The Princeton Review conducts rankings across various educational categories, providing valuable insights for students and educators alike. For more information about the rankings and methodologies, visit The Princeton Review’s website.

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SOURCE: The Princeton Review

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