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**GW Today: Introducing the New Center for Jewish Education at GW Graduate School of Education**

The Graduate School of Education and Human Development at The George Washington University (GSEHD) introduced a new center dedicated to Jewish education on Wednesday. This initiative aims to bolster the existing network of partnerships and resources to address contemporary challenges within the global Jewish community effectively.

Led by Benjamin M. Jacobs and Arielle Levites, with the support of program managers Naomi Gamoran and Ilana Weltman, the Collaboratory comprises three main branches: research, academic preparation, and public engagement.

Jacobs, overseeing the academic programs, expressed optimism about the potential impact of the Collaboratory, emphasizing its history of significant contributions to Jewish education. The center is actively involved in various initiatives, including:

  1. Antisemitism Initiatives:

    • The Collaboratory plans to launch a speaker series focusing on combating antisemitism on American college campuses, led by renowned expert Rachel Fish. This series aims to educate both students and the public, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities surrounding antisemitism.
    • An annual program targets teacher education faculty, campus administrators, and diversity officers to address antisemitism within university settings, enhancing inclusivity and awareness.
  2. Following recent events in Israel, the CASJE Research Digest was created to provide accessible research summaries for Jewish communal professionals, aiding in informed decision-making and action planning.

  3. The Israel Education program, in partnership with The iCenter, offers a unique opportunity for Jewish educators to enhance their skills and knowledge in Israel education.

These ongoing initiatives underscore the Collaboratory’s commitment to addressing contemporary challenges in Jewish education and its potential to drive innovation in the field. Supported by key funders such as the Jim Joseph Foundation and the Mayberg Foundation, the center aims to serve as a central hub for educational leaders and practitioners.

Dean Michael Feuer highlighted the Collaboratory’s role in providing vision and coherence to the diverse field of Jewish education, while Provost Christopher Alan Bracey commended its innovative approach to impactful research.

Looking ahead, the Collaboratory plans to redefine Jewish education concepts, professionalize the field, expand community engagement, and facilitate positive change within the Jewish education ecosystem. By leveraging GW’s resources and fostering collaboration, the Collaboratory aims to become a cornerstone in Jewish education, shaping the talent pipeline for the future.