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### Texas A&M Dean Recognized as a Top Figure in Legal Education

Dean Bobby Ahdieh outside the law school’s building in downtown Fort Worth.

Justin Ikpo/Texas A&M School of Law

Upon relocating to Fort Worth, Dean Bobby Ahdieh quickly realized that blending in was not an option. His distinct New Yorker accent inevitably led to inquiries about his origins. Embracing the situation, Ahdieh humorously adopted the phrase, “I got here as quick as I could.”

This unique approach led him to an unexpected scenario within his first year as the dean of Texas A&M University’s School of Law—riding a horse in the heart of a bustling arena. Initially taken aback by an invitation to participate in the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, Ahdieh humorously questioned if it was a typographical error. Little did he anticipate finding himself on horseback at such an event, a scenario he humorously describes as an unforeseeable turn of events.

A series of remarkable achievements have characterized Ahdieh’s tenure at the law school since 2018. Notably, the institution ascended an impressive 57 spots in the prestigious U.S. News and World Report law school rankings, securing the 29th position last year and further advancing to 26th place. Additionally, the school excelled in the Texas Bar Exam, with the Class of 2022 boasting the highest [Portrait of Bobby Ahdieh standing outside with his hands clasped.] rate nationwide.

Recently, Ahdieh’s contributions were recognized by , ranking him as the 5th most influential figure in legal education. This acknowledgment underscores the significant strides made by the law school, acquired by Texas A&M in 2013 from Texas Wesleyan University, in establishing itself as a prominent entity in legal education.

A notable expansion in faculty numbers, with 146 members including 67 full-time faculty, and a substantial increase in student enrollment—447 juris doctorate students and 1,218 graduate program students—reflect the institution’s growth. Ahdieh views this recognition as a testament to Texas A&M’s pivotal role in shaping the landscape of legal education, supported by the caliber of faculty, student quality, and impactful initiatives driving the institution forward.

Ahdieh on the arena floor during Texas A&M’s second annual Aggie Night at the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo on Jan. 19 at Dickies Arena.

Abbey Santoro/Texas A&M Division of Marketing & Communications

Educating Future Leaders

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University’s School of Public and International Affairs and legal training from Yale Law School, Ahdieh’s professional journey includes clerking for Judge James R. Browning of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and serving in the civil division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

While some attorneys transition to academia due to a lack of passion for legal practice, Ahdieh’s case stands out. Despite relishing his courtroom experiences and the art of crafting persuasive arguments, he recognized the broader impact he could achieve through academia. His enthusiasm for scholarship, policy advocacy, and shaping future legal minds fueled his transition to academia.

Ahdieh’s vision extends beyond producing top-tier lawyers for Texas’s evolving landscape. He emphasizes the importance of equipping professionals in regulated sectors like healthcare, energy, and finance with legal acumen to navigate complex regulatory frameworks. The School of Law’s Master of Legal Studies and certificate programs cater to this need, attracting nearly 1,100 students seeking a legal education for professional advancement.

In line with Texas A&M’s mission, Ahdieh ensures the law school’s integration with College Station through collaborative programs with various university colleges. The institution’s ethos, reflected in Aggie Core Values and maroon-themed decor, underscores its commitment to holistic education and community engagement.

A rendering of the future Law & Education Building, which will house the law school.

Texas A&M University System

Expanding Presence In Fort Worth

A pivotal moment in Ahdieh’s career unfolded during discussions with Texas A&M University System Chancellor John Sharp, igniting his interest in propelling the newly acquired law school to new heights. The ambitious vision set forth by university leadership spurred Ahdieh to embrace challenges, including mastering horseback riding—a skill he humorously acquired to align with the institution’s ethos.

Reflecting on the law school’s remarkable journey, Ahdieh attributes its success to the university’s unwavering commitment to transforming an unranked institution into a top-tier law school. His address at a legal gathering in Austin highlighted the Aggie community’s unique mindset, characterized by a resolute belief in overcoming challenges—an ethos that resonated with his audience, despite some initial skepticism.

A recent accolade as chief operating officer of underscores Ahdieh’s multifaceted role in driving innovation and educational excellence. The groundbreaking Law & Education Building, a collaborative project with Texas A&M and Tarleton State University, symbolizes the institution’s commitment to expanding its influence in Fort Worth and beyond.

A recipient of the “Innovation Trailblazer Award” from Downtown Fort Worth, Inc., Ahdieh’s leadership has been instrumental in fostering community engagement and propelling the law school to unprecedented heights. Embracing local traditions and actively participating in Fort Worth’s vibrant culture, Ahdieh’s tenure exemplifies a harmonious blend of professional excellence and community integration, marking it as a defining chapter in his illustrious career.