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### Restructuring of Educational Practices at the Temple

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In the process of revamping its Gen-Ed program, Temple University has assembled a task force team to collect input from students, faculty, and administrators for potential program adjustments.

Dr. Dustin Kidd, Chair and Director of General Education, mentioned, “We initiated the review process in the autumn of 2022 with an extensive self-assessment to evaluate the program’s internal functionality. Subsequently, external experts from various universities visited our campus, emphasizing that there is still a lack of comprehensive understanding.”

The review task force comprises 27 members, including faculty representatives from all undergraduate-serving schools and colleges, advisors, deans, and four students.

Kyla Miller, a student member of the review task force, shared insights about the macro-level committee’s focus on enhancing the Gen-Ed system’s overall efficiency and student support.

Having been in place for the past 15 years, Temple’s current Gen-Ed program has evoked mixed reactions from students regarding its relevance to their majors.

Junior, Michael Grasso, expressed, “The Gen-Ed courses I’m enrolled in are more challenging compared to some of my major-specific classes. I believe alignment with my major would be preferable.”

Senior Shriva Robertson added, “Many individuals tend to lose sight of the significance of Gen-Eds when they do not directly contribute to their academic pursuits or career goals.”

While no alterations have been implemented yet, the task force is optimistic about refining the curriculum based on the feedback gathered. These anticipated changes are projected to come into effect in the fall of 2027, with no impact on current students.

For students interested in providing feedback on General Education, the survey can be accessed at [survey link].