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### Melissa Krukow Named Teacher of the Month at Lake Local Schools

NAME – Melissa Krukow

SCHOOL – Lake Elementary School

RESIDENCE – Uniontown

HIGH SCHOOL ALMA MATER – Mogadore High School

COLLEGE – Bachelor’s degree from Kent State University; master’s degree from University of Akron.

FAMILY – Husband, Robert; daughters Camryn, 13, and Caylee, 10.

TEACHING SUBJECTS – Fifth grade science and social studies.

FAVORITE ASPECT OF JOB – The enjoyment and excitement derived from interacting with my students on a daily basis. The enthusiasm and eagerness of fifth graders to explore and learn new things make each day a unique adventure. Additionally, the collaboration with a fantastic group of teachers at Lake Elementary enhances the overall teaching experience.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE – Adapting teaching methods to cater to the diverse needs of individual students. Each student possesses unique characteristics, requiring constant innovation to engage them effectively and help them achieve their full potential.

SUCCESS TIP FOR STUDENTS – Success knows no bounds when accompanied by hard work and perseverance in overcoming obstacles.

EVOLVING NATURE OF TEACHING – Teaching today reflects both continuity and change. The significant shift lies in the integration of technology, offering a plethora of resources at our disposal. Embracing innovative technological tools enriches the learning experience for students.

SURPRISING FACT – My passion for reading, which serves as a relaxing pastime. I make it a point to indulge in reading whenever feasible, often completing 1-2 books weekly.

HIDDEN TALENT – Cooking for my family is a cherished skill of mine.

ALTERNATE CAREER – The thought of pursuing a different profession hardly crosses my mind, given the fulfillment and joy teaching brings me every day.

POST-WORK RELAXATION – Unwinding by taking my dog for a walk, spending quality time with family, reading, cooking, or engaging in physical exercise.

Other nominations


Marlisa Sams, fifth-grade science at Alliance Intermediate School − Marlisa’s dedication to science education and her collaborative spirit make her a standout teacher. Her enthusiasm for science is contagious, evident in the academic progress of her students over the years. Her commitment to supporting colleagues and fostering a positive learning environment is commendable.

Christopher Schillig, English and college comp teacher at Alliance High School − Mr. Schillig’s teaching approach combines challenge and engagement, evident in his innovative activities like the March Madness American Author Competition. His leadership roles within the educational community showcase his dedication to enhancing the learning experience for students and educators alike.


Stefany Palomba, Choices High School – Coach Palomba’s continuous efforts to create an inclusive and engaging curriculum demonstrate her commitment to student success. Her adaptability and dedication to student learning are commendable.


Rachel Ruthrauff, sixth-grade intervention specialist − Rachel’s unwavering commitment to her students’ growth and success is evident in her compassionate and dedicated approach. Her exemplary leadership and collaborative efforts contribute to a thriving academic environment that inspires excellence.


Melissa Ash, fifth-grade math/science − Melissa’s unwavering dedication to her students’ academic advancement is exemplary. Her innovative teaching methods and leadership in professional development initiatives reflect her commitment to fostering a love for learning in students of all abilities.

Holly Wright, second grade at Lake Center Christian School − Mrs. Wright’s exceptional teaching skills and collaborative nature shine through in her commitment to student success. Her positive attitude and support for both students and colleagues create a nurturing learning environment.

Lance Taylor, junior high social studies at Lake Center Christian School − Mr. Taylor’s classroom environment fosters joy, meaningful discussions, and critical thinking skills among students. His personalized approach to teaching history instills a passion for lifelong learning in his students.


Melissa Krukow, fifth-grade science and social studies − Mrs. Krukow’s dedication to her students transcends the classroom, as she consistently introduces innovation and creativity to her teaching methods. Her introduction of soapbox derby races exemplifies her commitment to enriching the curriculum and fostering teamwork among students.

Debra Bordo, grade seven through 12 choir; musical director − Mrs. Bordo’s invaluable contributions to the Lake Middle High School community as a choir director and music department chair are commendable. Her dedication to providing students with memorable performances and collaborative opportunities reflects her passion for enriching the school’s artistic culture.


Lynne Lashley, kindergarten − Lynne’s nurturing and caring approach as a kindergarten teacher at Louisville Elementary creates a safe and engaging learning environment for her students. Her dedication to student well-being and active participation in learning enriches the educational experience at LES.


Emily Holzer, kindergarten − Mrs. Holzer’s exemplary dedication to her students’ needs and her leadership within the school community highlight her commitment to fostering a supportive learning environment. Her engagement with community members and leadership roles demonstrate her passion for student success.

Kelli Lippenga, seventh-grade English teacher − Mrs. Lippenga’s professionalism and positive influence on students and colleagues showcase her dedication to academic excellence. Her active involvement in leadership roles and continuous pursuit of professional development exemplify her commitment to student learning.


Katie Boarman, speech and language pathologist − Katie’s expertise as a speech and language pathologist at Gorrell School positively impacts students’ learning and development. Her dedication to student success and supportive approach make her a valuable asset to the school community.


Nicole Chaddock, sixth-grade English and language arts − Mrs. Chaddock’s unwavering dedication to student success and collaborative spirit among colleagues set her apart as an exceptional educator. Her positive influence on the school culture and passion for education make her a valuable member of the school community.


Rachael Sholtis, second-grade intervention specialist at North Canton Primary School − Mrs. Sholtis’ caring and supportive demeanor enhances her effectiveness in working with students and colleagues. Her commitment to student growth and willingness to assist others contribute to a positive school environment.

Jennifer Manion, Career Tech at Hoover High School − Jennifer’s dedication to preparing future educators and creating a welcoming learning environment for students is commendable. Her personalized approach to instruction and collaboration with colleagues reflect her commitment to student success.


Karrah Stilianos, third grade − Mrs. Stilianos’ passion for student success and collaborative efforts within the school community make her a standout educator. Her dedication to providing engaging opportunities for students and building strong relationships exemplify her commitment to academic excellence.

Lindsay Crawford, seventh- and eighth-grade science − Mrs. Crawford’s unwavering dedication to student learning and supportive classroom environment foster academic growth and success. Her commitment to building relationships and nurturing student potential is truly commendable.


Devin Stark, kindergarten − Devin’s passion and dedication as a kindergarten teacher positively impact the early learning experiences of students. Her role as a role model and motivator for young learners highlights her commitment to student growth.

Ethan Kagy, dean of students − Ethan’s dedication to student well-being and his supportive role within Perry High School showcase his commitment to fostering a positive school culture. His high expectations for student behavior and involvement in extracurricular activities contribute to a thriving educational environment.


Kelli Mohn, Spanish and coding − Kelli’s innovative teaching methods and dedication to student learning create engaging and exceptional educational experiences. Her creative approach to teaching Spanish and coding fosters a love for learning among her students.

Natalie Mickley, school counselor − Natalie’s caring and passionate approach as a school counselor positively impacts student well-being and academic success. Her advocacy for equity and dedication to educating the whole child make her a valuable asset to the school community.


Tim McBride, science − Mr. McBride’s expertise in teaching science and his passion for hands-on learning create engaging educational experiences for students. His dedication to igniting curiosity and fostering a love for learning is truly commendable.