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Taiwan’s schools go co-ed to combat declining birthrates│TVBS新聞網

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — In response to a declining birthrate, seven private girls’ high schools in Taiwan have shifted to co-ed institutions over the past decade. The transition from single-sex to co-ed is exemplified by Private Daren Girls School, now Daren Catholic High School, which admitted boys in 2023.

To support the inclusion of male students, Daren High School enhanced facilities, adding male restrooms and sports fields. The curriculum now includes male-oriented dance classes, like Spanish and indigenous dances. “When boys and girls learn together, it broadens their learning scope and perspective,” said Principal Li Mei-he.


The Ministry of Education reports that single-sex schools are diminishing, with only a few all-male schools remaining. Notable schools like Kaohsiung Senior High and Tainan First Senior High have started admitting students of all genders to their talented classes.

Facing a declining birthrate, single-gender private schools worry about future enrollment. The trend is to embrace gender diversity in admissions, shifting away from concerns that co-ed settings might hinder academic performance.

In 2023, births in Taiwan totaled only 135,000, below estimates by the National Development Council. With an aging population, the demographic challenge is acute.


Schools foster positive views on relationships and parenthood by adopting co-education, addressing low birth rates and preparing students to tackle demographic challenges. Co-ed environments are pivotal in shaping a sustainable society.