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Taiwan reduces exams for students, emphasizes life skills │TVBS新聞網

TAIPEI (TVBS News) — Taiwan’s Ministry of Education(MOE) announced on Wednesday (April 24) that the maximum number of regular exams for first and second graders was reduced from three to two per semester.

The new amendment strongly emphasizes life habits and moral cultivation in lower elementary school grades. The ministry hopes to increase students’ confidence and improve their study ability by lowering the number of exams.


For elementary schools that still hold three exams per semester, the ministry suggests replacing one with a diversified assessment, such as experiential practices, challenge games, or behavioral observations, to evaluate students’ learning outcomes.

The modification provides more flexibility for students who cannot attend in-person classes due to illnesses, natural catastrophes, or other significant changes to their “residence” or “school location.” Schools can use alternative, suitable teaching strategies, such as digital distance learning, and modify their evaluation protocols.

The change also covers circumstances in which kids in primary school miss more than two-thirds of their classes because of pregnancy, physiological leave, or other unforeseen circumstances that may impact their graduation. The change allows the county and local authorities to establish related leave categories, giving students additional alternatives.