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### SWPS University Welcomes AAB College Students from Kosovo to Study in Poland

SWPS University in Poland presents an enticing chance for AAB College students to participate in the Erasmus+ Program for the academic year 20242025. This initiative offers BA and MA students the unique opportunity to study abroad and acquire international experience.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

Students eligible for this exceptional opportunity include BA students in their 2nd to 5th semester and MA students in their 1st to 3rd semester. The university intends to choose a total of six students for both the winter and summer semesters, with each student selected for one semester exclusively. The deadline for applications is March 30, 2024, urging interested students to apply promptly. Applications must be submitted using a designated form, followed by the nomination process via email to [email protected]

Details on Selection and Nomination

Following the application submission, nominated students will receive essential updates on their application status by May 2024. Final applications will be accepted until the end of June 2024. It is essential to recognize that applying for psychology courses does not guarantee acceptance due to limited availability. Further instructions will be provided to candidates in early May, directing them on the subsequent steps of their application process.

Program Options and Campus Preferences

SWPS University provides the BA in Psychology program at two campuses situated in Wrocław and Warsaw (Warszawa). Applicants are advised to indicate their campus preference during the nomination phase. If no preference is specified, students will be assigned based on seat availability. This adaptable approach ensures that each selected student receives the most suitable placement, enhancing their academic and cultural journey during the exchange semester.

As the deadline for applications nears, AAB College students have the golden opportunity to explore Poland’s vibrant academic environment. Through the Erasmus+ Program, participants can augment their academic achievements while encountering personal development and international exposure. This endeavor highlights the dedication of SWPS University and AAB College to promoting global educational exchanges and creating avenues for students to excel in a diverse setting.