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### Ireland Ranks Third in Education Quality and Accessibility Study

A recent study conducted by TutorSpace, an online tutoring school, has positioned Ireland as the third-ranking country in Europe for the quality and accessibility of education. The evaluation was based on PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) scores, encompassing factors such as education quality and access, higher education and research, literacy, digital literacy, and government investment.

Estonia emerged as the leader with the highest PISA scores in mathematics and science, achieving an impressive total score of 91.86 for education quality and access. Estonian students typically undergo 13.55 years of education, with the government allocating approximately 14.35% of its budget to education.

Following closely behind, Switzerland secured the second spot with a category score of 84.92 and excelled in mathematics. The Swiss government dedicates 14.24% of its expenditure to education, while students spend an average of 13.86 years in the educational system.

Ireland, claiming the third position, attained a total score of 84.78 and boasted the highest reading score among the top 15 countries. Irish students typically engage in 11.58 years of education, with the government allocating around 11.33% of its expenditure to schooling.

In Ireland, primary school pupils invest five hours and 40 minutes daily in their educational pursuits, encompassing all breaks and assembly time.

The United Kingdom secured the fourth rank with a score of 81.90, showcasing its highest PISA score in science. Approximately 10.56% of the UK government’s expenditure is channeled towards the education sector.