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Study in Australia: 41% Indian women opted for Australian varsities in the latest intake


Australia’s expertise in the education sector, combined with India’s great scale of education requirements, has made education the flagship sector between the two countries. Australia has become the second-largest destination for Indian students and all international students.

Indian women are increasingly choosing Australia for higher studies, with 41% of women opting for it in the latest intake. It is evident that Australia is a top destination for young women seeking quality education, research, and global career opportunities, given its reputation as a safe, welcoming, and supportive country. The percentage of women among Indians going to Australia for higher education has been on a steady rise, growing from 38% in 2019-20 to 45% in 2023-24, showcasing Australia’s consistent recognition globally for its research excellence, liveability, learner satisfaction, and employment outcomes.

Monica Kennedy, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner at Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) said, “The growth in female students from India is an indication of the trust that families place in Australia as a warm, welcoming, safe and secure destination for study. With a commitment to international students’ experience while undertaking world-class qualifications, Australia is increasingly the preferred option for families across the world.”

The recently announced QS World University Rankings 2024 have brought remarkable recognition to Australian universities, with three of them – University of Melbourne (14), UNSW (19), and University of Sydney (19) – making it to the global top 20 universities. UniMelb leads a set of impressive list of universities Caltech, Yale, Peking, and Princeton, securing an impressive all-time high ranking at #14.

With nine Australian universities in the top 100, and 95% of them globally ranked, Australia offers global opportunities for students to excel in their careers. Choosing Australia for higher education can provide young women with the necessary tools and skills to succeed in their careers and make a positive impact in the world.

The Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) has opened avenues for collaborations between educational institutions in India and Australia. It also extends special privileges to Indian students aspiring to study in Australia with a focus on skill development and enhanced employability.