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### Nursing Majors Can Embark on a Study Abroad Journey in Spain Next Fall

Exciting Opportunity for Nursing Majors: Study Abroad Program in Spain Next Fall Semester


Hola Sevilla! The College of Nursing & Health Sciences (CNHS) at UMass Dartmouth, in collaboration with the International Programs Office and Academic Programs International (API), is thrilled to announce a unique study abroad opportunity for sophomore nursing majors. Beginning in the upcoming fall semester of 2024, students will have the chance to embark on an enriching academic journey at the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain.

Addressing Challenges in Nursing Education

Daniel Pirbudagov, the executive director of international education, highlighted the challenges in providing study abroad opportunities for nursing students. The complexities of nursing coursework, prerequisites, labs, and clinical hours often limit such experiences. However, through strategic partnerships and innovative thinking, UMass Dartmouth has crafted a program that aligns with major requirements, ensuring students stay on track with their academic pursuits.

Advancing Global Perspectives in Nursing

Assistant CNHS Dean Karen Barnett emphasized the significance of global learning in nursing education. By immersing students in diverse healthcare environments and fostering culturally sensitive care, the program aims to enhance students’ leadership skills and broaden their understanding of healthcare practices worldwide.

Academic Curriculum and Cultural Immersion

Participants in the program will engage in a comprehensive academic curriculum at the Universidad de Sevilla. This includes nursing courses such as “Lifespan Development and Health Promotion” and “Concepts of Scholarship in Nursing,” taught by proficient English-speaking faculty. In addition to these core courses, students will have the flexibility to select elective courses that align with their academic interests.

Practical Details and Enrollment Process

Interested first-year nursing students in good standing are encouraged to apply for this transformative experience. A minimum of ten participants is required for the program to proceed. Students can opt for shared accommodation in a student residence or with a host family, with three meals provided daily along with essential amenities. The enrollment process, facilitated by API, offers students a seamless experience through the APIConnect platform, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Seville Program Information

For those eager to learn more about the Seville program, an API representative will be available at the UMass Dartmouth Study Abroad Fair on Monday, February 12. This event presents an excellent opportunity to gather detailed insights and explore the myriad benefits of studying abroad in Spain.

Contact Information

For further inquiries or to express interest in the program, prospective participants can reach out to [assistant director’s name], located in LARTS 016A. Don’t miss this chance to broaden your horizons, enhance your nursing education, and embrace the cultural richness of Spain through this exceptional study abroad initiative.