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### Upcoming Deadlines for Fall and Spring Study Abroad Programs

For the upcoming summer and fall quarters, various departments at the University of Washington (UW) are offering study abroad opportunities accessible to students from all fields of study. Applications are currently open for the spring, summer, and fall terms, with deadlines ranging from January 31 to February 15. These programs aim to provide a comprehensive academic and professional experience in an international setting, spanning multiple cities worldwide to help participants establish a global identity.

UW’s study abroad options encompass a wide array of educational experiences, including internships, exchanges, faculty-led initiatives, and direct enrollment opportunities. Students also get the chance to immerse themselves in local cultures through student accommodations, either on-campus or in urban areas, as well as group outings that offer insights into local customs and involvement in campus happenings.

Among the offerings is the [ppp[1]] program, a comprehensive initiative worth up to 25 credits, featuring courses in liberal arts, sciences, and business administration. This program operates during the spring and fall quarters, as well as year-round, based in Seoul.

Participants at KU are involved in department-led projects while exploring various research areas and the university campus. The [ppp[2]] is currently open for applications, with the deadline for autumn and yearlong options set for January 31.

BaoTran Ho, a double major in Asian languages and cultures and Korean, emphasized the value of firsthand cultural experiences, stating, “It helps tremendously to be on-site and experience the culture firsthand. I was surrounded by native speakers 247; everything was authentic.”

The UW [ppp[3]] immerses students in the streets of Rome, acquainting them with the city’s renowned architecture and rich history. Open to students from all disciplines, this program offers a series of courses held at the UW Rome Center. Participants are expected to complete a 15-credit quarter, covering topics such as the history of Rome, communication, and intensive writing.

Applications for the fall 2024 Rome in Residence program are currently being accepted, with the deadline for submission on February 15. Even pre-majors are encouraged to apply, with decisions communicated two weeks post-application deadline.

For further details on available programs and application procedures, kindly visit the [ppp[4]] or schedule an appointment with a designated advisor.

Reach contributing writer Soumya Gupta at. X: @soumzg

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