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### Exploring Study Opportunities Overseas

Enhance Your Education Anywhere

At Syracuse University, we provide one of the premier international study programs nationwide. With well-established programs and extensive networks in key cities throughout the United States, you have the opportunity to elevate both your education and career to new heights. The world is constantly evolving—why should you stay behind?

Syracuse University Presence in Major U.S. Cities and Overseas

Whether you prefer the lively campus in Central New York, the bustling cities across the U.S., or the diverse Syracuse Abroad programs spanning over 60 countries, your college journey extends worldwide.

Our footprint extends to five major U.S. cities, including:

  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Boston
  • Atlanta

Syracuse Abroad provides programs in 60 countries and manages international centers in:

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Study Abroad Opportunities

Students globally opt for Syracuse Abroad due to its blend of academic excellence and hands-on programs that promote global awareness and personal development. As a highly-ranked study abroad institution, Syracuse Abroad offers adaptable study choices and substantial financial assistance to empower you to cultivate the knowledge and expertise essential for success in any environment.

Study Away

Seeking new experiences within the United States? Explore our array of study away programs, ranging from semester-long immersions in New York City to week-long excursions in Los Angeles, designed to cater to diverse academic interests and preferences.

“Teaching, traveling, and engaging in international study broaden my horizons, fostering a deeper understanding of the relationship between different perspectives and personal goals. It’s a commitment that resonates with me on a profound level.” – Declan Havlicek ’22Economics

[Declan Havlicek at Border Seminar.]

[Students talking in New York City.][People talking at a table together.]

[Students smiling in New York City.]