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**Etown Students to Embark on Study Abroad Program in Spain**

Elizabethtown College’s Study Abroad Office is thrilled to introduce a pioneering program set to launch in Fall 2024, sending all 1,800 Etown students to Spain! After extensive planning and research, the College could not ignore the petition signed by the entire student body advocating for this unique opportunity. Spain, with its 17 regions akin to the states in the USA, stands out as an exceptionally picturesque destination, making it an ideal setting for this innovative initiative.

Jamie Ramos II, the Study Abroad Advisor, eagerly shared insights into the program to ignite enthusiasm among students for the upcoming journey to Spain.

Under this program, students will immerse themselves in Spain’s sunny climate, with temperatures averaging 90 degrees in the south and 70 degrees in the north. To ensure a sun-kissed experience, all students have been transported to the southern regions of Spain. Despite the absence of the College’s mascot, Truman, students will come to appreciate Spain’s national animal, El Toro (The Bull).

This unfamiliar yet enriching environment is poised to cultivate cultural and personal development, marking a significant milestone for the College in establishing a comprehensive schoolwide study abroad program. The rich history and distinctive culture of Spain are expected to leave a lasting impression on each student.

Among Spain’s culinary delights are Paella, Croquetas, Patatas Bravas, and Spanish Omelets. Instead of traditional cafeteria meal plans, students will indulge in delectable Spanish tapas (appetizers) priced at $3 per plate—a culinary adventure awaiting them in Spain.

While savoring the gastronomic delights and scenic beauty, students will also engage in intellectually stimulating coursework. Dance lessons are a mandatory component of the program, with students embarking on a rhythmic journey through Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, and Flamenco three to four times a week.

Following vigorous dance sessions, students will delve into another quintessential aspect of Spanish culture—napping!

Embracing the cherished tradition of “la siesta” (The Nap), students will partake in a daily afternoon nap, a vital component of Spanish daily life. Ramos emphasizes the significance of this rejuvenating practice post-classes and lunch, underscoring Spain’s embrace of a simpler lifestyle.

First-year student Julia Finley shared her perspective on the program, expressing both excitement and concerns about potential impacts on existing commitments such as tuition, financial aid, and credits. Despite reservations from some students, the College remains steadfast in implementing this transformative program.

Ramos also outlined a timeline for the Fall 2024 semester in Spain, revealing that the boat transporting students will not return for a full 143 days (approximately 4 and a half months). While the rationale behind this extended stay remains a mystery unrelated to Spanish culture, students can anticipate an extended sojourn in the vibrant Spanish setting.

This groundbreaking program spearheaded by Ramos is poised to set a new standard for future study abroad initiatives. Offering Etown students a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to blend global travel with cultural studies, this program promises an immersive and enlightening experience. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting journey to Spain at the conclusion of the spring semester!