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### Effective Strategies for Handling Stress During Foreign University Applications

New Delhi:

The arduous task of completing applications for international universities often induces significant anxiety and stress among applicants. Recent reports from various countries have underscored the pivotal role that the application process plays in determining a student’s admission overseas. Consequently, candidates are urged to exert additional diligence when preparing their applications for foreign universities.

A noteworthy development involves universities in the United States forging partnerships with Indian educational consultants to authenticate the test scores of their candidates. This collaboration allows US universities to verify TOEFL scores through their Indian study-abroad associates.

Furthermore, reports from Australia have highlighted the rejection of numerous subpar applications from foreign hopefuls. The country has observed a surge in visa denials for applicants who submit inadequately written and unconvincing applications.

Offering guidance on how aspirants can navigate the application process for foreign universities with confidence and accuracy, Rahul Subramaniam, Managing Director and co-founder of Athena Education, advises, “Initiating the process early is paramount. By the conclusion of the 11th grade, students should commence researching colleges, exploring majors, and crafting their application essays, all while allocating time for academic pursuits.”

An essential tactic is to establish a realistic timeline for each phase of the application process, he suggests, spanning from finalizing the list of colleges to completing activity lists, essays, and filling out college portals. “Commence by outlining all tasks and leverage digital organizational tools to enhance efficiency and minimize the risk of overlooking critical components.”

The expert further underscores the significance of maintaining sound mental and physical well-being. “Moreover, prioritize your mental and physical health. Maintain a balanced diet, prioritize adequate sleep, and allocate time for social interactions with friends and family. Seek support from trusted individuals during moments of emotional distress.”

It is advised that students refrain from fixating on a single college, as there is a multitude of universities where they can submit applications, he notes. Pursuing college applications abroad facilitates personal development, self-exploration, and lays a robust groundwork for their future endeavors.