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### Enhancing Experiences of Meredith Graduate Students through Study Abroad

Meredith graduate students benefit from experiences that enhance their ability to excel in multicultural work environments. These experiences offer similar advantages to those of undergraduates, including the development of cross-cultural confidence and the acquisition of skills highly sought after by employers. Given that graduate students are usually at a more advanced stage in their careers, the connections they establish between their study abroad encounters and their academic pursuits can be particularly valuable.

One student, Melissa Lanes, a dietetic internship student, described her enriching rotation in Italy as a transformative experience. She emphasized how immersing herself in a society with distinct perspectives on food, nutrition, and sustainability broadened her understanding and equipped her with a new set of nutrition knowledge to apply back home.

The value of study abroad at Meredith has been evident since 2012 when students first embarked on international learning experiences. Education Professor Jennifer Olson highlighted the unique benefits that teachers derive from studying abroad, especially in gaining insights into English language learners. By immersing themselves in a language minority setting, teachers can better empathize with their students and bring global perspectives into their teaching practices upon their return.

For Joe Mazzola, the associate professor and program director, guiding students to step out of their comfort zones is essential. He emphasized how cultural influences, both national and organizational, play a significant role in shaping students’ consulting approaches within real-world companies. While theoretical knowledge is crucial, the effective implementation of these concepts in professional settings hinges on understanding diverse cultures and individual factors.

Meredith’s graduate study abroad programs cater to working professionals, featuring shorter durations, often scheduled during the summer months to accommodate employees’ work commitments. These programs, held in various locations worldwide, offer valuable insights into international business practices and leadership across different cultural contexts.

The assortment of study abroad destinations, such as China, Peru, and Salzburg, Austria, provides students with diverse learning opportunities. Ele Roberts, the associate director of MBA admissions, highlighted the benefits for MBA students in observing business operations in countries with unique workplace dynamics, emphasizing the importance of cultural appreciation and adaptability in a globalized business environment.

Director of International Programs Brooke Shurer expressed enthusiasm about the increasing number of study abroad opportunities for graduate students at Meredith. She emphasized the value of gaining a cross-cultural perspective, strengthening relationships with peers and faculty, and enhancing intercultural competence through these experiences.

To explore the range of study abroad programs available for graduate students at Meredith, visit their website.