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### Scholarship Awarded to Students for Studying Abroad

WILLIAMSBURG — University of the Cumberlands Students Awarded Study Abroad Scholarships

In an exciting opportunity this spring, three students from the University of the Cumberlands are preparing to embark on a global adventure with financial support. The recipients of the study abroad scholarships include:

  • Rachel Medlin from Corbin
  • Kristen Fugate from London
  • Piper McGuire, pursuing studies in human services and world languages & cultures

Each of these students has been granted a $1,500 scholarship to facilitate their international educational experiences, courtesy of the university’s generous donors.

The university awarded study abroad scholarships to three students in 2023, with two students choosing Italy as their destination and one student opting for a trip to London and Paris.

Julie Deyrup, the study abroad director at the University of the Cumberlands, emphasized the institution’s commitment to preparing students for a globalized world. By providing financial support for study abroad programs, the university equips students with the necessary resources for academic and professional success, creating lasting memories for participants.

Rachel Medlin is eagerly anticipating her journey to London and Paris, where she will enroll in Cumberlands’ “World Music” course to earn college credit. For Kristen Fugate, the upcoming trip to Greece presents an opportunity to deepen her understanding of different cultures, essential for her aspirations of practicing medicine internationally.

Piper McGuire, driven by a calling to serve the Hispanic community, will be immersing herself in Spanish language and culture courses during her study abroad experience in Costa Rica. As a first-generation college student, Piper expressed her gratitude for the scholarship, recognizing the significance of this opportunity in shaping her future endeavors.

The University of the Cumberlands’ study abroad program not only facilitates cultural immersion but also enables students to pursue academic excellence and earn valuable college credits. To discover more about the university’s study abroad initiatives, please visit University of the Cumberlands Study Abroad Program.

For those interested in supporting future study abroad endeavors for Cumberlands students, please visit Support Cumberlands Study Abroad Scholarships.