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### Spin the Wheel for a Chance to Win 19 Study Abroad Opportunities

Nineteen students from Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) were given a unique opportunity at EKU’s annual “Spin the Wheel” event on January 31st: the chance to participate in a study abroad program at no cost.

The event took place in the O’Donnell Auditorium of the Whitlock Building, where a room full of eager students eagerly awaited their names to be drawn in a lottery-style selection process. The countries available for selection were divided into four categories: mainland Europe, Latin America, the British Isles, and Asia. Additionally, some lucky students had the chance to have their destination determined by either the audience or EKU President David McFaddin through categories like “Audience Choice” or “President’s Choice.”

Jennifer White, the Director of EKU Education Abroad, kicked off the event by urging students to show their excitement and enthusiasm. EKU President McFaddin, who never had the opportunity to study abroad himself, congratulated the students and highlighted the immense value of such experiences in a global context.

Out of the approximately 450 students who entered the lottery, 300 were deemed eligible to participate. Both students present at the event and those in classes had an equal chance of winning. One of the lucky winners was Cara McDonald, a freshman majoring in management, who expressed her disbelief and excitement upon being selected to travel to the British Isles, specifically mentioning her interest in Scotland.

Dean Mercy Cannon of the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences emphasized the transformative impact of study abroad experiences on students, recounting how such opportunities had made seemingly unattainable dreams a reality for many.

Provost Sara Zeigler described the event as one of the university’s most significant occasions, noting the profound changes students undergo after studying abroad. She expressed her hope that these experiences would enable students to embrace new perspectives and the discomfort of unfamiliar environments, fostering personal growth.

The event was made possible through the support of various sponsors, including the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, and several academic colleges and foundations. Each scholarship recipient was assigned a destination, with countries across Europe, Asia, and the Americas being represented.

In a heartwarming conclusion, it was announced that another student would be selected to replace an individual who, despite being chosen, was unable to embark on the study abroad journey.