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### Why Students Should Consider Choosing ASSLaw Over Higher-Ranked Schools

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Now that Crystal Clanton has completed her transformation from one state to another, has George Mason University’s Antonin Scalia School of Law—also known as ASSLaw—solidified its position as a top law school?

Certainly not. Clanton’s achievements are attributed to the mentorship of the staunch conservative Ginni Thomas, who has taken her under her wing, with Clarence Thomas becoming a paternal figure in her life. As a result, she is set to work for him.

Blaming ASSLaw for Clanton’s success is an unreasonable assertion, yet there is someone who advocates for it:

Honestly, that’s great news! The Federalist Society’s network, which often benefits mediocre white individuals through affirmative action, will manage to secure clerkships for its preferred candidates regardless of their law school. The excessive praise for ASSLaw only leads to graduates from prestigious institutions like Columbia or Duke missing out on lucrative careers in major law firms because they prioritize the freedom to use offensive language over pursuing clerkships under influential judges that were never within their reach.

No one enrolls in law school envisioning themselves as an average student, but the reality is that many will indeed fall within that range. That’s just how the concept of median works!

Therefore, the wise choice when selecting a law school—assuming all other factors are equal—is to maximize opportunities with the understanding that you may find yourself in the middle of the pack. While hoping for exceptional success is admirable, positioning oneself where even B students have the best chances to establish a successful career is crucial.

Furthermore, the sudden endorsement from Frank is intriguing. Just a month ago, he was criticizing individuals for not choosing Harvard over Howard University. Now, he is advocating for prospective students, including those interested in extremist ideologies, to opt for ASSLaw due to its strong networking, affordability, and lower stress levels.

It’s peculiar how he failed to recognize that these same considerations could be significant for a Black student deciding to attend a prominent HBCU law school. Perhaps he underestimates the challenges Black law students face, assuming they are not as emotionally taxing as other experiences.

Nevertheless, conservatives are urged to prioritize ASSLaw over other institutions. It’s a commendable decision to kick off a professional career in a service-oriented industry by disregarding virtue signaling.

Overall, a flawless decision. No room for improvement.


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