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### Improvement in Stonehill College Student’s Health Following Severe Bicycle Crash in Spain

A junior from Stonehill College faced a tragic incident during her study abroad program in Spain when a severe bicycle accident left her in critical condition. Lauren Rauseo, who was attempting to meet up with her friends for a ride before heading back to France, suffered a serious fall from a side road on March 17. Reports from her parents indicate that Rauseo collided with a wall after losing control on a steep descent, resulting in a traumatic brain injury and multiple fractures that necessitated extensive medical intervention.

Fortunately, Rauseo’s condition has shown signs of improvement since the initial crisis, with her now awake and able to communicate. While some of her fractures are healing naturally, she is facing the prospect of another surgical procedure for her brain injury. Despite her lack of memory regarding the accident, Rauseo can recall being on a bicycle that day.

In response to the escalating medical expenses, a GoFundMe campaign was initiated by Ryan Desmarais to assist with the considerable costs of transporting Rauseo back to Boston once she is stable. The fundraising efforts have garnered over \(43,000 towards the \)150,000 target, alleviating some of the financial strain on her family for accommodations and other related costs. The Rauseo family, through Desmarais, expressed profound gratitude for the outpouring of support during this challenging period. Notably, Rauseo had previously been awarded a scholarship to pursue her studies in Paris, enabling her to immerse herself in the experience without financial constraints.

Stonehill College, deeply concerned for Rauseo’s recovery, organized a Mass led by the Campus Ministry to offer prayers for her full recuperation and to extend solidarity to her family during this difficult ordeal. The Catholic institution in Easton has been actively collaborating with the travel insurance provider to address the mounting medical and travel expenses. Rauseo, a student of English and communications, had been honing her French language skills in Paris following her success in securing the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship, which is administered by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs to foster international goodwill and understanding.