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### Accreditation of SNHU’s Education Program

The CAEP, Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation, accredited SNHU’s education program in January 2024, following an 18-month process by the accreditation team established in 2016.

Within CAEP’s framework, one of the key evaluation measures is students’ performance on the NH TCAP (New Hampshire Teacher Candidate Assessment of Performance), which played a significant role in SNHU’s accreditation journey.

Andrea Campbell, the Assistant Director of Field-Based Graduate Education Programs, expressed pride in the program’s accomplishments, emphasizing the robust support system available to students. Campbell highlighted the program’s strength and the positive impact of CAEP accreditation on affirming their commitment to student preparation.

Dr. Amanda Murchison, Assistant Professor in Middle and Secondary Education, underscored the program’s focus on early field experience for students, noting the immediate exposure to classroom settings, which she believes greatly benefits their learning process.

Murchison also commended the program for its unwavering support for students and faculty alike, emphasizing the collaborative and nurturing environment that fosters student success.

Mary Westwater, Associate Professor in Education, highlighted the program’s reputation for producing highly sought-after graduates, often leading to immediate job offers post-graduation due to the program’s strong standing in the educational community.

Furthermore, the program’s proactive approach ensures that no student is left behind, maintaining a supportive network within the faculty.

SNHU’s commitment to providing diverse learning environments was emphasized by Murchison, who exposes students to various educational models to help them identify their preferences and strengths in preparation for their teaching careers.

The strong partnership between SNHU and local schools ensures that students are highly valued for their quality education and readiness for the teaching profession.

Student testimonials further validate the program’s success, with individuals like Kelsey Bates and Autumn Hopler sharing their positive experiences and the valuable opportunities provided by SNHU’s education program.

Hopler, in particular, praised the program for its community-building efforts and the supportive guidance offered by the faculty and staff, creating a conducive environment for aspiring educators.

For more details on SNHU’s accredited education programs, visit the official SNHU website: SNHU Accredited Education Programs