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### Enhancing Redbird Applications to Graduate School: A Series

Are you planning to apply to graduate school or contemplating it as part of your career trajectory? Receive guidance as you get ready for the next phase in your academic and professional journey.

Career Services is excited to announce the return of its annual spring Graduate School Series designed to support Redbird students and alumni who are in the process of applying to graduate school.

Conducted virtually, the Graduate School Series enables Redbirds from all locations to take part. This series addresses various topics including the research and application procedures, strategies for financing your educational aspirations, and more. Participants have the flexibility to join any session:

“The Graduate School Series offers a range of topics to aid Redbirds who are thinking about pursuing graduate studies. It features a panel discussion where current graduate students discuss their experiences and provide insights into the graduate student life,” mentioned Program Coordinator Tamanna Tasmin.

The Graduate School Series is just one of the many programs offered by Career Services to support Redbirds in their career advancement. Explore the full schedule of career events on the Career Services website.