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There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI), encompassing both the concept and the evolving technology connected to it, is a permanent fixture in our world.

According to a professor of data science at Columbia Engineering and a co-founder of the nonprofit , AI is set to significantly influence the job landscape. This organization educates high school students on AI principles through virtual bootcamps.

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In addition to revolutionizing the tech industry, AI has broad applications across various sectors. Gabriel Gomes, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, emphasizes the versatility of machine learning, stating that a basic understanding can be applied to diverse fields like robotics, healthcare, climate studies, and electoral processes.

Before embarking on a journey towards a master’s degree, consider alternative routes to enhance your AI knowledge. Online bootcamps offer a convenient option for upskilling. These programs can be completed remotely, with flexible schedules suitable for working professionals, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional education.

1. AI Boot Camp by Columbia Engineering

Presented in collaboration with edX, this program by Columbia Engineering does not require prior programming experience. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics including AI fundamentals, data analysis, predictive modeling, natural language processing (NLP), and ethics. Throughout the course, students have access to instructors, tutors, and career counselors, and post-graduation, they are connected to a network of 250+ companies for job opportunities.

Price: $14,495 (with financing options)

Duration: 3 sections/24 weeks (9 hours per week)

Format: Part-time, live sessions

2. AI For Business Specialization by UPenn

This specialization, supported by UPenn, serves as a foundational course for individuals entering the AI field with limited background knowledge. It covers essential machine learning concepts and their practical applications in business settings such as marketing and human resources. The curriculum also delves into ethical considerations and frameworks for ethical AI deployment, culminating in a certification upon completion.

Price: $79 per month after a 7-day trial (financial aid available)

Duration: 4 courses/31 hours

Format: Self-paced

3. AI Applications for Growth by Northwestern University

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management offers this bootcamp tailored for senior executives aiming to leverage AI for business growth. The program explores AI applications in various industries like transportation and healthcare to demonstrate its strategic value. Upon finishing the course, participants receive a certificate and can engage with peers through Kellogg’s online platform.

Price: $2,850

Duration: 2 months (4–6 hours per week)

Format: Self-paced with live sessions

4. AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp by Caltech

Designed for aspiring IT professionals, data scientists, and AI consultants, this bootcamp by the California Institute of Technology covers generative AI, Python applications, and popular ML frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras. The program culminates in a capstone project where students solve real-world problems using machine learning techniques, showcasing their skills to potential employers.

Price: $10,000 (with payment plans)

Duration: 6 sections/24 weeks

Format: Self-paced with live components

5. AI Machine Learning Bootcamp by the University of Houston

The University of Houston’s bootcamp is geared towards preparing AI/ML engineers for top-tier positions. Students are equipped with skills to pass the Microsoft certification exam, focusing on ML modeling, NLP, and proficiency in tools such as AWS, Python, and SQL. The program includes a capstone project related to autonomous vehicles and provides online coaching sessions with instructors.

Price: $4,275 (with payment plans)

Duration: 6 months (15–25 hours per week)

Format: Self-paced

6. AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp by Fullstack Academy

With over a decade of experience in online education, Fullstack Academy offers a comprehensive bootcamp for AI enthusiasts and data professionals. The curriculum covers Python programming, machine learning principles, and advanced AI tools like ChatGPT. Upon completion, students receive support services for career development, including resume building and interview preparation.

Price: $14,495 (with payment plans and scholarships)

Duration: 6 units/26 weeks

Format: Part-time, live sessions

7. AI & Machine Learning by WorkForce Institute

Founded in 2020, the WorkForce Institute partners with industry experts to deliver online bootcamps focused on practical AI skills. The program covers topics such as building machine learning models, neural networks, NLP best practices, and the role of cloud services in ML. Students engage in a capstone project to reinforce their learning and receive career coaching support.

Price: Starting at $4,250 (with payment plans)

Duration: 9 modules/18 weeks

Format: Part-time, live sessions

8. The ai bootcamp by

Launched in 2021, offers a free bootcamp designed by a former IBM data science director. This course introduces core AI concepts, including data analysis, model training, and deep learning. Practical labs enable students to apply AI techniques such as creating chatbots and generating images. Upon successful completion, participants receive a digital certificate.

Price: Free of charge

Duration: 10 modules/10 weeks (20–40 hours)

Format: Self-paced

9. Gen AI Bootcamp by Google Cloud

Google Cloud’s on-demand video course focuses on building generative AI applications. Through three courses, students learn to develop chatbots and gain insights into AI development fundamentals.

Price: Free

Duration: 3 videos (approximately 6 hours)

Format: Self-paced

10. IBM Machine Learning Professional Certificate

Offered on Coursera by IBM, this program is taught by industry experts and covers database management, regression modeling, and deep learning. Participants are required to complete a final assignment to showcase their skills and receive a recognized certificate from IBM.

Price: $49 after a 7-day trial (financial aid available)

Duration: 6 courses/3 months (10 hours per week)

Format: Self-paced

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth pursuing an AI course?
While AI courses may not guarantee immediate career advancements, they equip individuals with practical skills that can be valuable in various professional settings. They also serve as a solid foundation for further education in the field.

How long do AI bootcamps typically last?
The duration of AI bootcamps varies, ranging from several weeks to several months. The schedule can be part-time or full-time, and the format may include self-paced or live sessions.

Is AI a lucrative career choice?
AI roles often offer competitive salaries, with senior positions commanding high earnings. Data from 2022 indicates that data scientists earned an average annual salary of around $115,000.