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### Top PSD Schools Highlighted on School Ranking Website

Several schools within the Peninsula School District were recently honored in a ranking that positioned PSD as the 3rd best district in Pierce County.

Among the recognized schools, [ppp1] achieved the notable distinction of being named the 5th best public middle school in Pierce County. A [ppp2] spotlighted Kopachuck, emphasizing the crucial role of quality education in parents’ decisions on where to raise their children. The article highlighted the significance of access to top-tier schools in shaping such decisions and directed parents to Niche, a reputable school ranking and information platform that offers detailed insights on local educational institutions. Niche’s annual school ranking is meticulously crafted using data sourced from the Department of Education.

Additionally, [ppp3] secured the 6th position among public elementary schools in Pierce County, while [ppp4] claimed the 10th spot. Furthermore, [ppp5] earned recognition as the 9th best public high school in Pierce County.

In a broader scope, Niche evaluated the Peninsula School District favorably, ranking it as the 5th out of 238 districts in the “Best School Districts for Athletes” category in Washington. Moreover, the district was placed 28th out of 247 for overall “Best School Districts” in the state. Niche’s comprehensive assessments encompass a vast array of schools and districts, drawing from statistical data and extensive feedback from students and parents alike. For a detailed overview of all school rankings within our district, please visit [ppp6].