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### Showcase of Academic Grants

April 9, 2024

The annual Research Conference at the College of Education & Human Development showcases the scholarly work of students and faculty

Gabriella Montero, a graduate student specializing in Counseling Psychology at UND, is captured beaming at the 2024 Research Conference of the College of Education & Human Development while responding to a visitor’s query about her research. Photo credit: Tom Dennis/UND Today.

The Memorial Union Ballroom was adorned with research posters highlighting the forefront of knowledge across various fields during the College of Education & Human Development’s 2024 Research Conference on April 2.

Dr. , the College’s associate dean of Research and Faculty Development, mentioned that over 80 UND research teams and individual researchers participated in the event. The contributors comprised UND graduate students, faculty members, and postdoctoral fellows, presenting diverse topics such as “Working Conditions and Teacher Burn Out,” “Family Engagement’s Impact on Student Success in K-12 Education,” and “Lunar Boot Design and Kinematic Testing.”

Dr. Stupnisky expressed, “Annually, the College community gathers to exchange and showcase the research endeavors. It serves as a platform to not only celebrate but also disseminate our collective work from the past year. Moreover, it provides students with an opportunity to present their research, fostering their engagement in the research culture and preparing them for future presentations at various conferences.”

The College of Education & Human Development’s 2024 Research Conference witnessed the participation of over 80 UND graduate students and faculty members at the Memorial Union on April 2. Photo credit: Tom Dennis/UND Today.

Fostering Collaboration and Camaraderie

, an assistant professor specializing in at the College, was present beside her research poster, eager to discuss her area of expertise. (Midkiff’s focus lies in children’s and young adult literature, and she has shared her insights globally, including contributions to . The nonprofit news agency features articles of “explanatory journalism” authored by academic experts for the general public.)

Midkiff highlighted the importance of the Research Conference in enabling UND scholars to familiarize themselves with their colleagues’ work. She emphasized, “Often, faculty members are unaware of each other’s endeavors. This event serves as a valuable platform to gain insights into the ongoing research within the community.”

She further noted that such interactions could lead to potential academic partnerships, fostering meaningful discussions and a deeper understanding of diverse research areas.

The conference provided a forum for researchers to present their work at various stages, ranging from initial proposals and conceptual frameworks to completed dissertations and independent studies.

President Andy Armacost of UND delivered a speech at the College of Education & Human Development’s 2024 Research Conference on April 2 at the Memorial Union. Photo credit: Tom Dennis/UND Today.

Highlighting Research Excellence

The agenda featured 12 presentations where speakers elaborated on their research findings. President graced the occasion, particularly acknowledging April 1-7 as National Public Health Week 2024.

In his address, Armacost commended the Research Conference hosted by CEHD as a platform to celebrate ongoing research and discoveries within the college. He also recognized the significant contributions in public health and public-health education across the campus and beyond. UND offers a wide range of academic programs in Public Health, including the CEHD’s undergraduate degree in , the program at the School of Medicine & Health Sciences, and joint programs facilitating and students to pursue MPH degrees.

Armacost emphasized, “Public health initiatives aim to assist not only those within our immediate circles but also extend support to unknown individuals. National Public Health Week signifies our collective efforts to prioritize public health through community engagement and informed policy decisions.”

The conference concluded with the presentation of three awards recognizing exceptional work. Andrea Doyon, a doctoral candidate in Counseling Psychology, received the Inspire Graduate Student Research Excellence Award. Ethan Dahl, an assistant professor of Counseling Psychology, was honored with the Aspire Early Career Award for Excellence in Research, while Emily Midkiff, assistant professor of Teaching & Leadership, secured the Excellence in Research & Scholarship Award.

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