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### Celebrating Graduate Students: ‘Say it In Six’ Experiences

Artemiza Martinez, a fifth-year student majoring in biological sciences, clinched the top spot in the Make it New category by impressing the judges with her entry.

Her winning submission, titled “Ascend with passion, conquer with purpose,” featured a captivating image of her multitasking on a computer while suspended from a rock climbing wall—a creative blend of her two passions: climbing and academics.

“I aimed to merge my love for climbing with my academic pursuits,” Martinez explained.

In the Make it Together category, Kathy Kithcart secured the first-place position with a visually striking image comprising nine boxes, each showcasing a different individual accentuated with vibrant illustrations. Her succinct message, “Counseling/ making friends while making change,” resonated with the audience.

Tulia Malik, a third-year biological sciences student, embraced the Make it Together theme in her submission, emphasizing the joy of traveling with companions. Her entry, “Backpack the world together, stay together,” accompanied by a picturesque scene of backpacking adventures in Vietnam, struck a chord with many.

“Traveling has been my solace during my time in graduate school,” Malik shared.

Several other participants chose to express gratitude towards those who supported them on their journeys.

Emily Ankrom’s submission, “Grateful you always believe in me,” featuring two intertwined shadows, underscored the significance of having a reliable support system. Additionally, entries like Aika Aluc’s “Cycling through endless seasons of change” and Stephanie Hand’s “Teacher at Saucon, student at Lehigh” showcased diverse interests beyond academic pursuits.

The competition recognized outstanding entries in each category, with notable mentions such as “From lab bench to global” in Make a Difference and “Major life adjustments, same Lehigh pride” in Make it New.

Story by Jenn Lindley