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**Top 10 National Ranking: Sacramento County School Districts Excel in Diversity**

Sacramento County School Districts Recognized Among Top 10 Most Diverse Nationally by Niche

In the latest rankings released by Niche, a data ranking and review website, both Natomas Unified School District and Elk Grove Unified School District have secured positions in the top 10 most diverse school districts list in the country.

The data, compiled from the US Department of Education and supplemented by extensive feedback from students and parents, underscores the diversity prevalent in these Sacramento County districts. Natomas Unified claimed the second spot, with Elk Grove following closely at number six.

Deidra Powell, the Executive Director of Communications and Family Engagement at Natomas Unified, expressed pride in the district’s recurring recognition for diversity. With a student body representing 81 countries, the district remains committed to fostering inclusivity not only among students but also in its teaching staff recruitment and retention efforts. Powell highlighted investments in library resources tailored to the diverse population served.

Elk Grove Unified, the fifth-largest school district in California, embraces its sixth-place ranking with enthusiasm. With approximately 63,000 students, 81% of whom are English language learners conversing in around 120 different languages, the district has adapted its approach to accommodate its multicultural community. Lori Gerber, the Communications Manager, emphasized the establishment of educational equity and community engagement departments to support the diverse student body. Furthermore, the district has introduced newcomer welcome centers to assist individuals relocating from abroad.

The commitment of both districts to maintaining and enhancing diversity reflects a broader societal shift towards inclusivity and cultural appreciation. These initiatives not only enrich the educational experience but also cultivate a more harmonious and understanding community fabric.

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