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### McNeil High School in Round Rock ISD Designated as International Baccalaureate Campus

Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD) now boasts three International Baccalaureate high schools following the official designation of McNeil High School in December.

Key Development

On December 15, RRISD staff announced that McNeil High School had received its IB authorization, joining Westwood and Stony Point High Schools in this prestigious program.

Insights into the Program

According to Michelle Swain, RRISD’s director of gifted and advanced academic services, the district initiated the process of obtaining the IB program designation in 2021. This endeavor involved hiring a coordinator and establishing the program at the campus.

Swain explained that McNeil High School was selected for the program because a significant number of students in its zone had to commute to Westwood and Stony Point for IB participation.

The introduction of the IB program at McNeil High School enables local students to pursue the program without the need to travel, benefiting both current and prospective students, as highlighted by Swain.

Furthermore, Swain emphasized that being an IB school grants students at McNeil and other affiliated schools the opportunity to earn an IB diploma. This diploma, in turn, allows students to claim a minimum of 24 college credit hours at a public college or university.