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### Introducing Roanoke College’s Fresh Master’s in Education Initiative

For more than three decades, the faculty members in the Education Department at Roanoke College have been instructing and readying students for careers in the teaching field. By working closely with local school districts, they have effectively steered approximately 1,000 individuals towards roles as educators and professionals in the education domain.

With extensive teaching background spanning various educational tiers, the department has cemented its standing as a dependable and esteemed presence in the education sphere.

Lisa Stoneman, overseeing the Master of Education program, remarked, “Building upon our enduring partnerships with local schools, Roanoke College is launching a novel Master of Education program to offer educators and education enthusiasts a top-notch opportunity to innovate the education landscape.”

Set to commence in the fall of 2024, the pioneering graduate program named Master of Education: Educational Inquiry is awaiting accreditation from The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). This forthcoming endeavor signifies Roanoke College’s second graduate-level program.

The forthcoming degree curriculum integrates theoretical frameworks, empirical research, community involvement, progressive teaching approaches, and a final research project to empower educators with the capabilities to lead and drive positive changes within their communities.