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### Roanoke College Gears Up to Embrace Birmingham-Southern Students

The impending closure of Birmingham-Southern College in Alabama is a distressing development for students, employees, alumni, and supporters of the 168-year-old liberal arts institution. The Roanoke College community mourns this significant loss and extends heartfelt sympathy to those affected by this unfortunate situation.

Roanoke College is prepared to assist Birmingham-Southern College (BSC) students who will be displaced by the closure. We understand that these students are eager to continue their academic journey in a nurturing and inclusive liberal arts environment. Our administration is currently finalizing the details of a teach-out agreement to facilitate a seamless transition for BSC students who wish to pursue their education at a similar institution.

As part of the teach-out agreement, any BSC student in good academic standing will be automatically admitted to Roanoke College if we offer the degree or program they are seeking. To support these students, Roanoke will waive application fees and residency requirements for credits, recognize all regular term units or credits earned, and provide a financial package with tuition and fees comparable to those at BSC. We are committed to assisting these students in completing their degrees within the expected timeframe.

BSC students interested in exploring academic opportunities at Roanoke College can visit our website and reach out to our Admissions Office for more information.

Furthermore, Roanoke College is prepared to welcome BSC student-athletes with remaining NCAA eligibility who wish to continue their athletic pursuits as part of the Roanoke College Maroons. For inquiries regarding Roanoke College athletics, students can contact Jennifer Crouch.

Kathy Wolfe, Roanoke’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, expressed deep regret over Birmingham-Southern’s financial challenges, emphasizing the importance of preserving small liberal arts institutions for the benefit of our communities and democracy. She highlighted the similarities between Roanoke and Birmingham-Southern and extended a warm invitation to students, staff, and faculty members seeking educational and professional opportunities at Roanoke College.

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