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### April 1 Nebraska High School Boys Soccer Rankings

Here are the most recent rankings for high school boys’ soccer in Nebraska according to Nick Rubek.

Top 10 Rankings:

  1. Gretna: 6-0 record, maintaining the top position.
  2. Lincoln Southwest: Also 6-0, climbing to the second spot.
  3. Omaha Creighton Prep: 4-1 record, now at third place.
  4. Omaha South: 4-1, moving up to fourth place.
  5. South Sioux City: 6-0, entering the rankings at fifth place.
  6. Omaha Skutt: Record of 3-2, now at sixth place.
  7. Omaha Westside: 5-1, dropping to seventh place.
  8. Norfolk: With a 6-1 record, enters the rankings at eighth place.
  9. Bennington: Impressive 9-0 record, now at ninth place.
  10. Omaha Central: 5-1, rounding up the top 10.

Notable Highlights and Observations:

  • Gretna has showcased dominance with five wins against ranked opponents in their first six games.
  • Lincoln Southwest’s strong start includes a remarkable goal difference of 18-2.
  • South Sioux City claims the top spot with notable victories over competitive teams.
  • Bennington’s exceptional performance sees them climbing in the rankings, maintaining a significant goal differential.
  • Omaha Skutt secures its fourth consecutive championship title with a 3-1 win over Bennington.

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