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### Top Business Schools for Management Research Analysis

When it comes to the sheer volume of publications in top management journals, no other business school outpaced the University of Pennsylvania in 2023.

According to the TAMUGA Rankings, an annual index of research output compiled by Texas A&M University and the University of Georgia, Wharton faculty published 21 articles in management’s eight most prestigious schools.

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that after Wharton’s fall from the [ppp1] it was also removed from the FT’s research ranking. However, the B-school, widely recognized as one of the best in the world, managed to reclaim its position.

In terms of faculty size, it is also noteworthy that Wharton is the largest business school in the TAMUGA Ranking, tying with Harvard Business School with 46 tenure-track management faculty. This provides an advantage in a ranking that considers the number of published articles.

One significant point to consider is that when looking at the number of top-tier publications per faculty member, Wharton drops to No. 19 with an average of 0.46 articles per management scholar.


The TAMUGA Rankings only include publications in management’s top eight journals: Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology, Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behavior, and Human Decision Processes.

The counted articles must be published by management faculty within the calendar year, specifically from January to December 2023. Articles with co-authors from multiple universities are counted once for each school, whereas articles with co-authors from the same institution are counted only once. For instance, an article co-authored by two professors from the University of Florida, one professor from Texas A&M University, and one professor from the University of Georgia would be counted as one publication for each respective institution, following the ranking’s methodology.

The complete TAMUGA Ranking provides publication totals for United States Schools for each year from 2019 to 2023, along with a five-year aggregate.

Despite leading in the five-year aggregate with a total of 85 publications, Wharton ranks 23rd in publications per faculty, with a rate of 1.89 articles per faculty member.

University of Georgia holds the second position in the number of management articles published over the five-year period with 70 publications, as well as being second in articles per faculty at 5.09. This achievement may explain why the school collaborates on compiling this list with Texas A&M, which surprisingly also holds a favorable ranking. For instance, Terry follows closely with 68 articles, [ppp2], and [ppp3] with 66 articles each.


Wharton also leads the [ppp4] with 392 articles published. While both this ranking and the FT’s research ranking consider a broader range of academic journals across various disciplines, the TAMUGA Ranking focuses solely on management faculty and only for a single calendar year.

The FT ranking evaluates the number of publications by a school’s current faculty in 50 academic and practitioner journals over a 30-month period, whereas UT-Dallas examines a school’s publication count in 24 journals over a five-year span. Therefore, direct comparisons are not straightforward. Nevertheless, with its extensive research centers and initiatives, Wharton manages to excel in all three rankings.

For the past three years, Wharton has topped the TAMUGA Ranking, progressing from a three-way tie for seventh in 2019 with 12 published management articles (0.27 per scholar) to a three-way tie for third in 2020 with 13 articles (0.28 per scholar). In 2021, it shared the first position with Texas A&M with 19 articles. However, despite these achievements, it has consistently fallen outside the top 20 in the articles per faculty metric.

The chart below displays the top 10 performers for both 2023 and 2022. For a comprehensive list of the top 50 universities in management research over the last five years, in 2023, and in 2022, please refer to the subsequent pages.

You can access the full TAMUGA ranking here.

2023 TAMUGA Rankings Top 10

Pubs Rank Pubs / Faculty Rank University Total Pubs Faculty Count Pubs/Faculty
1 9 Pennsylvania 21 46 0.46
2 3 North Carolina 18 26 0.69
3 5 Washington 17 26 0.65
4 1 Florida 14 14 1.00
5 8 Texas A&M 14 23 0.61
6 17 Indiana 14 29 0.48
7 23 Michigan 14 33 0.43
8 2 Georgia 13 15 0.87
9 28 Minnesota 13 35 0.37
10 13 Ohio State 11 22 0.51
11 6 Harvard 11 46 0.24

2022 TAMUGA Rankings Top 10

Pubs Rank Pubs / Faculty Rank University Total Pubs Faculty Count Pubs/Faculty
1 20 Pennsylvania 20 45 0.44
2 1 Florida 17 14 1.21
3 11 Southern California 17 27 0.63
4 12 Arizona State 15 25 0.60
5 1 Iowa 13 15 0.87
6 9 Maryland 13 19 0.68
7 10 Texas A&M 13 20 0.65
8 2 Georgia 12 13 0.92
9 26 Indiana 12 31 0.39
10 5 Pennsylvania State 11 15 0.73
11 8 Notre Dame 11 16 0.69
12 33 Minnesota 11 33 0.33
13 51 Harvard 11 46 0.24

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