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### Ranking of Palm Beach County School District in Florida: A Q&A with The Brian Mudd Show

Q&A – What is the Ranking of the Palm Beach County School District in Florida?

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Today’s Inquiry: Hi Brian- Despite the high property taxes, I am pleased to hear about the positive graduation rates in our schools. I have a few follow-up queries. Where does PBC stand compared to other districts in Florida? Additionally, how does its graduation rate compare nationally?

Key Points: The recent announcement of Florida achieving another record-high graduation rate reflects the state’s continuous success in education, leading to its recognition as the top-performing state in the country last year. The surge in graduation rates statewide indicates a promising outlook for Florida’s future rankings, especially with Palm Beach County (PBC) showcasing notable achievements. PBC’s graduation rate of 90.5% surpasses the state average by 2.5%, setting a new record for the district and marking the highest graduation rate among large school districts. Notably, PBC was just 0.5% shy of the pre-pandemic high of 91%. In terms of statewide ranking…

  • Palm Beach County ranks [ppp1], out of Florida’s 67 school districts.
  • Wakulla School District boasts the highest graduation rate in Florida at 97.6%.
  • Jefferson County reports the lowest graduation rate in the state at 66.7%.

Another success story unfolds in Indian River County, with a graduation rate of 95.6%, ranking as the 3rd highest statewide and marking a historic achievement for the district. However, not all districts experienced an upward trend, as exemplified by Martin County and 29 others reporting declining graduation rates. This backdrop underscores the significance of Florida’s overall performance alongside the remarkable feats of Palm Beach and Indian River Counties.

On a national scale, Florida’s #1 ranking by US News & World Report may be slightly misleading in K-12 education, given that the state’s higher education system predominantly influences this position. In the previous year, Florida secured the 14th spot in pre-K-12 education, indicating room for improvement at the elementary and high school levels. Regarding Palm Beach County’s position nationally…

Palm Beach County’s school district ranks [ppp2]. Notably, it boasts the highest graduation rate among the ten largest school districts in the country, showcasing its commendable performance on a national platform. Additionally, the Palm Beach County School District holds a B+ rating, with individual grades in various categories as follows:

  • Diversity: A+
  • College Prep: A
  • Sports: A
  • Clubs & Activities: A-
  • Academics: B+
  • Administration: B
  • Resources & Facilities: B-
  • Food: C+
  • Teachers: C

These ratings highlight the district’s strengths and areas for improvement, indicating student outperformance compared to faculty members. Despite the room for enhancement, the positive developments in Palm Beach and Indian River Counties are promising, with the advent of universal school choice further fueling optimism for the future.