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Putting Brock grad student research on the map

From yeast bioengineering in Icewine fermentation to new immunotherapeutic approaches for age-related diseases, the 19th annual Mapping New Knowledges (MNK) Research Conference showcased a range of engaging and impactful research at Brock.

The transdisciplinary conference, held on Wednesday, April 10, kicked off with a keynote lecture by Professor of English Language and Literature Adam Dickinson followed by presentation sessions, a complimentary lunch and a poster viewing session.

Three university students talk to a professor in front of a research poster at a conference.

From left, fourth-year Medical Sciences students Amy Rustico and Kia Fenster discuss research with fourth-year Kinesiology student and Assistant Professor of Kinesiology Sean Locke during the Mapping New Knowledges conference poster fair on Wednesday, April 10.

“MNK serves as a valuable platform for our graduate students to showcase and discuss their research accomplishments to the Brock community,” said Brian Roy, Associate Dean in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGSPA). “It is important to us to provide opportunities for our students to shine and be recognized for their dedication and hard work.”

The event also included the presentation, which celebrated outstanding graduate community members.

PhD in Biotechnology student Noah Xiao received the prestigious Marilyn Rose Graduate Leadership award at the event for his contributions to Brock’s graduate student community.

“As an international student for 10 years, I would not have been able to pursue science without the all the support from Brock enabling me to pursue my PhD in science research,” he said. “Recognizing my leadership in STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics] is not only a great honour to me personally but also a testament to Brock University’s commitment to supporting emerging young leaders in STEM research. I want to dedicate my leadership to encouraging more people to grow STEM research together at Brock.”

Professor of Child and Youth Studies Rebecca Raby took home the Michael Plyley Graduate Mentorship award for her support of Brock’s graduate students.

“I love the energy, curiosity and intellectual challenge that graduate students bring to my teaching and scholarship, to our departments and to the wider university,” she said. “Grad school can be hard, especially at the PhD level, so it feels especially meaningful to provide guidance that will help our graduate students to succeed.”

Visit the for event details and presenter abstracts.

2024 FGSPA award winners:

Marilyn Rose Graduate Leadership Award

  • Noah Xiao, PhD in Biotechnology

Michael Plyley Graduate Mentorship Award

  • Professor Rebecca Raby, Child and Youth Studies

Suzanne Curtin-Christopher Yendt Graduate Collaboration Award

  • Mariana Garrido de Castro, Master of Science in Biological Sciences

Jack M. Miller Excellence in Research Awards

  • Ahmad Mohammad (BSc ’22), Master of Science in Applied Health Sciences
  • Garrick Forman (MSc ’18), PhD in Applied Health Sciences
  • Lindsay Detta (BA ’22), Master of Education
    Hyacinth Campbell (MEd ’20), PhD in Educational Studies
  • Paige Groot (BA, ’22), Master of Arts in History
  • Maya Karanouh, PhD in Interdisciplinary Humanities
  • Georgina Gardner(BSc ’21), Master of Science in Biological Sciences
  • Rozhin Rowshanpour (BSc ’20), PhD in Chemistry
  • Hanna Puffer (BSc ’22), Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Melissa Blackburn (MSc ’22), PhD in Child and Youth Studies
  • Md Ata-e Rabbi, Master of Science in Management

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