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### Unveiling Miya Ingram: A Promising Undergraduate Profile

Each edition of the [publication], a profile is featured for a faculty member, a staff member, an undergraduate student, and a graduate student. Let’s get acquainted with Miya Ingram, our highlighted undergraduate student for the Winter of 2023.

NAME: Miya Ingram

MAJOR/MINOR: Pursuing a degree in Secondary Education with specializations in English and Communication

FUTURE PLANS: Miya aspires to embark on a teaching career and hopes to also take on a coaching role in speech and debate.

GRAD YEAR: Expected graduation year is 2025

HOMETOWN: Originally from Mountain Home, Idaho

FUN FACT ABOUT YOU: During her middle school years, Miya had the unique opportunity to serve as the police chief for a day.

FAVORITE NNU MEMORY: Miya holds dear the memories of her initial Week One experience at NNU. This period marked the beginning of cherished friendships and unforgettable moments that have defined her time at the university.

FAVORITE THING ABOUT NNU: Miya appreciates the relational focus at NNU, where faculty members prioritize understanding students on a personal level. This emphasis on genuine connections extends beyond academics to student interactions, fostering a supportive and connected community.

SOMETHING VALUABLE YOU LEARNED AT NNU: Miya gained insight into integrating Christian values into her future teaching career, demonstrating these principles through actions rather than overt expressions. She values the opportunity to influence students’ lives positively through literacy and personal example.

PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT FROM YOUR TIME AT NNU: Miya takes pride in her achievements in Forensics (Speech and Debate), including national accolades such as participating in the Pi Kappa Delta showcase and securing 5th place at the National Christian College Forensics Association National Tournament.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “You’ve gotta start romanticizing your life. You gotta start believing that your morning commute is cute and fun, that every cup of coffee is the best you’ve ever had, that even the smallest and most mundane things are exciting and new. Because that’s when you start truly living.”—Unknown

ADVICE YOU’D OFFER TO FUTURE STUDENTS: Miya stresses the importance of communication and seeking help when needed, whether academically or personally. She encourages reaching out to peers, resident directors, and faculty members for support and guidance.

WHY YOU CHOSE CHRISTIAN HIGHER EDUCATION: The spiritual support and personal connection offered by the faculty at NNU drew Miya to Christian higher education. The opportunity to have professors who not only knew her academically but also supported her spiritually was a significant factor in her decision to attend NNU.

HOW DO YOU KNOW BELONGING BECAUSE OF NNU? NNU excels in recognizing each individual student, fostering a sense of belonging and community. Through dedicated faculty, specialized events, and personal interactions, students like Miya feel valued and acknowledged throughout their campus experience.