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**Recognizing Exceptional Teachers and Mentors by Princeton Engineering Students**

Engineering students recognized exceptional educators on April 5 at the annual School of Engineering and Applied Science Excellence in Teaching Awards. Hosted by the Engineering Council, the event honored professors and graduate teaching assistants for their expertise in academic fields, clarity in teaching, and commitment to the growth and well-being of their students.

“Despite the remarkable research and breakthroughs within the School of Engineering, today’s awardees stand out for their dedication beyond the confines of the laboratory,” expressed Council President Caroline Zhao ’25 during the luncheon held at the Friend Center convocation room. She emphasized the significance of their role in shaping the future generation through effective teaching.

The awards acknowledged the teaching excellence demonstrated in courses offered during the spring semester of 2022-23 and fall semester of 2023-24. Recipients were chosen through votes cast by engineering undergraduate and graduate students. These prestigious engineering teaching awards, initiated in 1988, represent the oldest student-run teaching accolades at Princeton.

Smiling audience members sit and round lunch tablesAward recipients and distinguished guests gathered at the ceremony

Dean Andrea Goldsmith underscored the value of the award as a reflection of one of Princeton’s core strengths. As the Arthur LeGrand Doty Professor of Electrical Engineering and the Dean of the School of Engineering, Goldsmith expressed her pride in the institution’s emphasis on teaching.

“At Princeton, we place a high value on teaching, and those recognized through this process truly exemplify excellence, contributing to the unique essence of Princeton,” remarked Goldsmith.

Throughout the event, class representatives introduced the award recipients, highlighting the exceptional qualities that set them apart as educators.

“Kevin Wayne’s teaching prowess is unparalleled in my experience.”

Maria Garlock’s enthusiasm for bridge engineering and design resonated with students, enhancing their engagement in the subject matter.

“Michael (Soskind) went above and beyond his duties as the main TA in Car Lab, staying late into the night before our final exam to assist students.”

“Jessica (Jin) not only excels as a teacher but also radiates kindness and warmth, creating a positive learning environment.”

“Quinn (Gallagher) demonstrated exceptional dedication by memorizing all our names, showcasing his commitment to teaching.”

Benjamin Budway exemplifies the type of instructor students aspire to learn from during their time at Princeton.

“CBE 341 with Professor Celeste Nelson has been a transformative experience for many students.”

“Professor Craig Arnold’s infectious passion for materials science and his eagerness to share knowledge were truly inspiring.”

Students also acknowledged the invaluable lessons learned outside the classroom. Willem Alleyne ’26 shared his experience in the challenging linear algebra course MAT 202, praising Professor John Sheridan for his dedication and support in helping students grasp complex concepts.

“In my brief time at Princeton, I’ve learned the importance of preparation and kindness, crucial elements for success both academically and in life,” reflected Alleyne. “These lessons were exemplified by Professor John Sheridan.”

The recipients of the awards for the Spring 2022-23 and Fall 2023-24 semesters are as follows:

Line of recipients holding award plaquesAward recipients with Dean Andrea Goldsmith

Spring 2022-23

  • Dr. Christopher Moretti (COS 217)
  • Dr. Kevin Wayne (COS 226)
  • Dr. John Sheridan (MAT 202)
  • Professor Maria Garlock (CEE 262B)
  • Jessica Jin (CBE 246)
  • Drew Carson (CBE 441)
  • Dean Ahdab (CEE 365)
  • Katie VanderKam (MAE 427)

Line of recipients holding award plaquesAward recipients with Dean Andrea Goldsmith

Fall 2023-24

  • Professor Celeste Nelson (CBE 341)
  • Professor Amir Ali Ahmadi (ORF 363)
  • Professor Craig Arnold (MAE 324)
  • Professor David August (COS 375)
  • Teagan Mathur (MAE 223)
  • Benjamin Budway (ORF 309)
  • Camila Llerena-Olivera (CEE 471)
  • Michael Soskind (ECE 302)
  • Quinn Gallagher (CBE 503)