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### Delay in School Selection Postpones ‘President’s Educational Reform Programme’

Postponement of ‘President Educational Reform Programme’ due to School Selection Delay


Sumana Shrestha, Minister for Education, Science, and Technology

The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has decided to postpone the ‘President Educational Reform Programme’ citing delays in school selection as the primary reason for the setback.

Initially granted a budget of Rs 1 billion for the ongoing fiscal year, the program encountered obstacles as the school selection process fell behind schedule.

Following concerns and grievances regarding the distribution and utilization of resources, a meeting led by Education Minister Sumana Shrestha determined to defer the program and inform the Ministry of Finance accordingly.

Public feedback has emphasized the necessity of prioritizing budget allocation for reconstructing school infrastructure in regions affected by the Jajarkot earthquake. Additionally, there have been calls to address the funding shortfall for operational model public schools in marginalized areas like Musahars and Chepangs.

In response, the Education Minister’s private secretariat assured that the ministry will refocus its efforts on educational advancement in these regions in the upcoming fiscal year.

The postponement of the ‘President Educational Reform Programme’ highlights the significance of addressing immediate educational requirements while ensuring efficient budget management and resource allocation for a comprehensive educational transformation in Nepal.