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### Top High School Boys’ Basketball Power Rankings: Rossview Leads with 11-7 Season

CLARKSVILLE, TN () – The current high school boys’ basketball season in Clarksville has been quite eventful, with various intriguing storylines unfolding. From Rossview High’s attempt to defend their district and region titles to the entry of the Kirkwood High Cobras in their inaugural season, there’s no shortage of excitement on the court.

One notable aspect of this season is the absence of a definitive hierarchy among the teams. Let’s take a look at how they stand in the latest Clarksville Now power rankings, compiled based on information provided by local coaches and data from Max Preps.

Rossview Hawks (11-7, 3-0 District)

Claiming the top spot in the rankings are the Rossview Hawks, who have shown remarkable consistency and competitiveness against formidable opponents throughout the season.

With an 11-7 overall record and a flawless 3-0 district record, the Hawks have not succumbed to any inner-city rivals since the 2022 region championship.

Kirkwood Cobras (11-7, 2-1 District)

The Kirkwood Cobras narrowly missed the top rank, a decision influenced by their recent close match against Rossview High that ended in a last-second defeat. However, they demonstrated their prowess by securing a double-digit victory over Clarksville High in the preceding game.

Under the guidance of first-year head coach John Stigall, the Cobras, led by freshman standout Armani Smith averaging 17 points per game, are shaping up their identity and pose a potential threat in upcoming tournaments.

Clarksville Academy Cougars (15-4, 3-2 District)

Head coach Matt Hoppe has orchestrated an offensive powerhouse with the Clarksville Academy Cougars, showcasing their ability to score prolifically, especially behind the leadership of junior guard Trae Rideau. With a solid 15-4 record, including wins against Northwest High and West Creek, the Cougars are a force to be reckoned with.

Northwest Vikings (11-5, 2-0 District)

The Northwest Vikings boast an 11-5 record and possess one of the most formidable backcourts in Clarksville led by Ta’carey Monday and Jacquez Scott, consistently delivering strong performances.

Having secured victories over Kirkwood High, Northeast High, and a split series with Clarksville High, the Vikings recently added a win against Kenwood High to their impressive resume.

Kenwood Knights (7-6, 0-2)

Despite grappling with injuries this season, the Kenwood High Knights, guided by head coach Chase Cronin, have displayed resilience and determination in securing wins.

With a 7-6 record, the Knights hold the fifth spot in the power rankings, notably splitting series with both Clarksville High Wildcats and West Creek High Coyotes.

Clarksville Wildcats (5-10, 0-2)

The Clarksville High Wildcats may have a modest 5-10 record, but victories against inner-city rivals like Northwest and West Creek have earned them the sixth position in the rankings.

Led by sharpshooter Kellen Howard, the Wildcats recently clinched an impressive win against Dickson County, showcasing their potential under the seasoned guidance of head coach Ted Young.

West Creek Coyotes (7-9, 2-1)

In his debut season with West Creek, head coach Matthew Hardaway has steered the team to a 7-9 record, including a 2-1 district standing.

Sophomore guard Kameron Bowers has been instrumental in setting the tone for the Coyotes, who hold a 2-4 record against inner-city opponents, securing wins against Northeast and Kenwood but falling to other local teams.

Montgomery Central Indians (7-9, 0-0 District)

Under the leadership of veteran head coach Mike Brown, the Montgomery Central Indians have amassed a 7-9 record, showcasing notable wins against Stewart County. As they gear up to face district opponents, their performance in the upcoming games will be pivotal.

Fort Campbell Falcons (4-5, 0-1 District)

The Fort Campbell Falcons stand at 4-5 for the season, having faced a setback in their sole district matchup. Their upcoming game against Montgomery Central presents an opportunity to climb up the rankings.

Northeast Eagles (0-14, 0-5 District)

Struggling to secure their first win of the season, the Northeast Eagles are rebuilding under the guidance of first-year head coach Ivard Brimley. Despite the challenges of transitioning after losing key players to Kirkwood, the Eagles are determined to make strides in district play and beyond.