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### Leveraging Reform Jersey’s Potential in Social Security, Housing, Education, and Economy

The Chief Minister-designate, Lyndon Farnham, has proposed potential roles for Reform Jersey in various key areas of the Island’s new government, including Social Security, Housing, Education, and Economy. While not confirming specific ministerial appointments, Deputy Farnham emphasized the importance of addressing social challenges and finding swift solutions to benefit those in Jersey facing difficulties.

As he prepares to assume the role of Chief Minister, Deputy Farnham faces the task of nominating ministers by Monday to form a new administration following the removal of Deputy Kristina Moore. Anticipating potential contested elections for ministerial positions, Deputy Farnham mentioned the likelihood of alternative proposals from States Members, considering the current state of the Assembly.

Deputy Farnham has revealed his intention to nominate Deputy Tom Binet as Health Minister, a position that will now include overseeing the hospital development. Reflecting on his interactions with fellow candidates Ian Gorst and Sam Mézec, Deputy Farnham highlighted the importance of engaging with Reform Jersey, whose support played a significant role in his election victory.

While aiming for a more collaborative government approach, Deputy Farnham acknowledged the diversity of opinions within the States Assembly. He expressed willingness to involve Reform Jersey in ministries focused on social issues, despite potential policy differences. Deputy Farnham emphasized the need for discussions with Deputy Mézec to explore how Reform Jersey could contribute effectively.

In outlining the expected composition of his proposed ministerial portfolio, Deputy Farnham envisioned a blend of continuity, innovation, and input from Reform Jersey in the new government.