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Pleasanton High Schools Among Top In Bay Area: US News

PLEASANTON, CA — U.S. News and World Report released its , which assign overall scores based on college readiness, college curriculum, state assessments, graduation rates, .

According to the newest rankings, narrowly edges out . AVHS received an overall score of 97.49 out of 100, ahead of Foothill’s 97.19.

AVHS ranked 12th in the Bay Area, 60th in California, and 443rd nationally, while Foothill ranked 15th in the Bay Area, 67th in California, and 496th nationally. U.S. News listed each school’s percentage in the categories for which they were ranked. Below are the percentages for AVHS and Foothill, respectively:

  • How many students have taken at least one AP Exam (70, 67)
  • How many have passed at least one AP Exam (64, 59)
  • How many students are proficient in mathematics according to state assessments (70, 73)
  • How many students are deemed proficient in reading according to state assessments (81, 83)
  • How many students are deemed proficient in science according to state assessments (62, 59)
  • Graduation rate (97, 97)

The two schools scored the second and third highest in the Tri-Valley region. The highest scoring was Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, which ranked third in the Bay Area, 19th in California, and 155th best in the nation, with an overall score of 99.12. Following Foothill, the Tri-Valley public high schools ranked as follows:

The are Riverside Stem Academy in Riverside, Whitney High School in Cerritos, and Science Academy Stem Magnet in North Hollywood. The best high school in the country is BASIS Peoria in Peoria, Arizona.